Thursday, December 12, 2013

Not Pretty, But Tasty!

So last night I just kind of threw something together. I started out with something in mind and then by the time I finished it was something completely different. I will warn you it isn't a very pretty dish but it is tasty.
What you will need
ground turkey
tomato sauce
fat free cottage cheese
reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese
2 eggs
seasonings (oregano, Italian, tuscan rosemary, parsley)

Preheat oven at 350'
Then start by cooking your ground turkey. Then add your tomato sauce and seasonings.
Once sauce is cooked layer your cabbage on the bottom of your cooking dish then
add a layer of sauce,

your cheeses,

then repeat. (but don't top with reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese)

I then let cook for about 20 minutes and realized that is was very soupy.
So I stirred in 2 eggs.

I told you it wasn't very pretty.

I then let cook for about an hour and then added the cheese to the top.
Then let cook until cheese was fully melted.
Then let cool and enjoy!

I know that a couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that I was going to go Paleo but I quickly realized that it wasn't for me. For me to stay with my healthy lifestyle I have to have some grains and low fat diary. Like I have said many times you have to find the thing that works for you and Paleo just wasn't me.

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