Friday, May 23, 2014

Flights, Work, Corvettes & the Indy Speedway

So Wednesday around lunch I headed to the airport to head off to Indianapolis for work. We were having an event there for our Partners so I was excited to get to go because I have never been.  I made sure since I wasn't sure when I would get to eat to pack a snack and of course some reading material.
After delays and bad weather I finally made it!!

I grabbed my ride (which was a new escalade, I felt fancy) and

headed to the hotel. I couldn't get over all the rain and how flat Indy was.

It finally lightened up so after I checked in I took and short little walk to check out the city. It was actually not what I expected at all. I was very impressed with the downtown.

The next morning we had meetings till lunch and then we all gathered in vans and headed to the really fun part of the event.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway


We had a suite that over looked the track so we got to have lunch and watch the cars qualify for the Indy 500.

After we ate we decided to head down and check out all the fancy cars.
This one was my favorite and I am not even a car person.

Here are just a few of the cars. I couldn't tell you anything about them except that they were pretty, fancy and expensive :)

I'm pretty sure this one was not for sale!

See they do have mountains in Indy :)

I asked to get in this one to get a pic but they

let me get in this one instead. I guess that was okay.

After walking around for a while it was time for me to head back to the airport to catch my flight so I got in a race car and headed that way.

Kidding this nice fellar gave me a ride to my car. He said he rides about 30 miles a day but CARRYING people. I can't imagine the calories he burns.

I then headed to the airport and caught my flight and headed back to SC.
Indy thanks for having me, but it sure feels good to be home.
M1: 2 eggs with spinach
M2: grilled chicken salad
M3: fruit
M4: not sure yet :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Daily Eats

Yesterday morning I got stuck in major traffic so I was glad that I had packed a bag of fresh fruit for breakfast.
When I got to work finally, I finished my breakfast. I obviously didn't have a microwave in my car. These are the MorningStar Veggie Sausage Patties. I love them!! They are a great source of protein and only 80 calories for both.

Then for lunch I had a salad with romaine lettuce, sprouts, rotisserie chicken and balsamic vinaigrette.
Then mid day my work surprised me with this yummy snack. Normally on your birthday you get a cake but since they know my eating habits I had a bowl of fruit and flavored water.

For dinner I had a coupon for a free appetizer for my birthday so we heading over to Hickory Tavern for dinner. I had the Ahi Tuna and oh my goodness it was as good as it looks.

This morning I had more of an appetite so instead of fruit and veggie sausage I had eggs. Now I am stuffed.

I now have gone over a week without any starches (which I really didn't eat before), diet coke or added sugar and I feel wonderful. I am going out of town to Indy for work the next two days so I won't have time to post but I'll have some fabulous things to share when I get back.
M1: 2 eggs with 2 veggie sausage patties
M2: blueberries
M3: Grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette
M4: cauliflower with turkey pepperonis and pizza sauce (low sugar)
M5: will add once I know :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

28 Never Looked So Good

Well it is true, I turned 28 this past weekend. But to be honest I couldn't be happier. I am not sure why people get so upset about getting older because to be honest I think life gets better with age. My life is so different from how it is now compared to when I was in my lower 20's. Believe me I would not go back. I mean I enjoyed it but I sure am enjoying everything happening now much more.
So the weekend started off perfect. I took a half day at work and the future hubby and I headed to the courthouse to get our MARRIAGE LICENSE!! It really sunk in that we are really getting married in less then a month. We of course had to get a picture outside of the courthouse.
That evening we met with my aunt, her husband and my parents to have dinner at Thai Spice to celebrate my birthday. If you read my blog you know that if I get to choose where we eat, it's gonna be Thai.
The next day was actually my birthday so the future hubby took me to lunch, just me and him. He of course let me pick so I wanted to try somewhere I had never been before. So I chose Frog's Leap. It is downtown and everything they cook with is all from local farms. Even all the seafood they get from NC. I love to be able to support local businesses so I will defiantly be going back.
For an appetizer we had bacon wrapped dates. He had no clue what they were but if he hears the word bacon he wants them. But he was not a fan of the dates. So he ended up eating the bacon and I ate the dates. Team work baby, team work!

There were not a lot of low carb options so I ended up getting the sushi.
It worked out because I just scrapped of the tuna and salad on top. Isn't this dish pretty though?

After we finished we met up with my mom so that me and her could do a little shopping so the future hubby went to my parents house to take a nap.
We got so much accomplished!! First and for most, I was able to find all of my bridesmaids their gifts. Thank goodness. Then I also found my dress for the rehearsal dinner. And below you can see I found my lingerie for the wedding night. haha joking!

We also went and had a trial run for my hair for the wedding. I LOVE IT but sorry no pics :)
After we finished shopping we headed back to my parents house to have a nice, relaxing evening.

When Shaun asked me what I wanted for my birthday, it was easy.
Please just build me a fire and relax with me. If was so cold in the mountains so I could think of nothing else I wanted to do.

My man knows how to build a fire.

My best friend also came over for dinner so we all enjoyed sitting by the fire while dinner was being cooked. Marble obviously didn't want to be left out.

Dinner was my one of my favorites,  Kabobs. My dad doesn't like grilling them so we only have them once a year, my birthday!

After our bellies were stuffed I got to open some presents,

and blow out my candles. All my wishes have come true this year so it was hard to think of one. (so cheesy, sorry I had to)
I let everyone else enjoy the cake.

My sweet mom. I am slowly but surly turning into her twin.

My little mountain goat & bff.

I will never be too old to sit on my daddy's lap.

One of my friends/ bridesmaids decided to color me a picture for my birthday. I have the best friends ever.

The next day we went to church with the preacher that will me marrying us and then out to lunch with him and his wife where we had our marriage counseling. We passed!! It really did show me that I was picking the best man in the world for me. I will be honored to say that he is my husband.
Afterwards we headed back to SC where me and Miss Motor snuggled the rest of the day while watching movies.
Like I said.....28 Never Looked So Good

Day 8: 
M1: bag of fruit
M2: 2 pieces of veggie sausage (morningstar)
M3: grilled chicken salad
M4: cauliflower with pizza sauce (low sugar) and turkey pepperonis
M5: will add tomorrow