Monday, July 28, 2014

The Perfect Weekend

Today I wanted to share my fantastic weekend but first I wanted to start with Thursday's dinner, then I will get to the weekend!!
 The Hubster and I headed over to Wild Wing Cafe where I had the fiesta salad. Now there are many ways I could have made this salad very unhealthy but by leaving off ingredients like the cheese, dressing, tortilla chips and side of bread this salad ended up being around 250 calories. Score! 
Nooooww to the weekend.....
Friday evening I met up with a girl for dinner that I had just met the week before so I didn't want to be that girl that documents every detail of her meal. Maybe next girls night. ha
Saturday was pretty much the perfect day. The Hubster and I literally laid around the house all day watching movies and having good quality husband and wife time. Not going to lie, it was the evening when we finally got out of our pj's but eventually we got hungry and I knew that I was going to cook Sunday dinner so we decided to head over to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.
We started out with the meatballs. I just had a half of one because I am pretty sure these babies aren't the healthiest things in the world but man they are tasty.

I then ordered a pizza with feta, spinach, marinara sauce, sun dried tomatoes and pesto on gluten free crust. It was heavenly.
Now just to make things clear. I am not into the whole gluten free fad. I agree some people cannot have it but I am not one of them. Come on I love gluten, I just wanted to try it out.

Sunday consisted of a little bit of shopping, major cleaning and organizing, Law and Order marathon and finally Sunday dinner. 
If you know me you know that I am not much of a Southern/ Comfort food cooker but my hubby loves it so I did it for him. 

 It consisted of a roast with red potatoes, squash casserole, rolls and chocolate chip cookies.
I will be sharing my squash casserole recipe later this week. I sat back and laughed watching the hubby eat it because if he knew how healthy it was he would have turned his nose up.
I skipped out on the rolls and potatoes. Extra tasteless calories if you ask me.
This honestly was one the of the best weekends I have had in a while. Some times you just need a laid back weekend and I think this past weekend is exactly what I needed,