Friday, March 21, 2014

How to eat healthy at a business dinner.

Growing up I can remember my dad getting in late because he had business dinners to attend. I always thought that was so cool and told myself one day I wanted to have a job where I could go to business dinners. Well fast forward 20 years (wow that sounds weird) and here I am. Last night after work, I headed to the CHOPHOUSE 47 for dinner and some HP talk.
(sorry these pictures aren't the best because it was VERY dark inside)
Eating healthy at restaurants can be very tricky because you never know how everything is cooked. You never know the types of oils and butters might be added to your food. So today I want to share how I eat healthy at business dinners.
After we were directed to our table we quickly opened our menus and started ordering appetizers. I of course wanted the shrimp cocktail. The rest of the table ordered crab legs, roasted crab and a huge piece of bacon. Once the appetizers came, I chose shrimp and both types of crab. I used cocktail sauce instead of the creamy sauce because creamy sauces can add a lot of unknown calories to your meal.

After we finished, our entrees came and everyone just stared at my plate. This New York Strip was huge. I chose the New York strip because they are a lot leaner than Ribeyes and other cuts. Chophouse serves their sides family style which I like because you can choose the sides and amount of sides you would like. Our table was covered with cheesy mashed potatoes, onion rings, creamy spinach and green beans. The only healthy side that we had were the greens beans. They were cooked in olive oil and almonds. So I just filled my tummy with green beans. Also I am not a huge steak eater so I just ate a very small portion and then put the rest of it in a doggy bag. (the fiance will be in steak heaven)

After dinner they brought out the dessert menu . Let's face it, there is no such thing as a healthy dessert in a restaurant so I just took a picture of my co workers dessert. Looks yummy right? Your bathing suit doesn't think so :)

After dinner was finished, business talk was over and my tummy was stuffed I headed home and went right to sleep. Business dinners are fun but man they make for a long day.

Tips for Eating Healthy When Eating out

  • As a beverage choice, ask for water or order fat-free or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea, or other drinks without added sugars.
  • Ask for whole-wheat bread for sandwiches.
  • In a restaurant, start your meal with a salad packed with veggies, to help control hunger and feel satisfied sooner.
  • Ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. Then use only as much as you want.
  • Veggie kebobsChoose main dishes that include vegetables, such as stir fries, kebobs, or pasta with a tomato sauce.
  • Order steamed, grilled, or broiled dishes instead of those that are fried or sautéed.
  • Choose a small" or "medium" portion. This includes main dishes, side dishes, and beverages.
  • Order an item from the menu instead heading for the "all-you-can-eat" buffet.
  • If main portions at a restaurant are larger than you want, try one of these strategies to keep from overeating:
    • Order an appetizer-sized portion or a side dish instead of an entrée.
    • Share a main dish with a friend.
    • If you can chill the extra food right away, take leftovers home in a "doggy bag."
    • When your food is delivered, set aside or pack half of it to go immediately.
    • Resign from the "clean your plate club" - when you've eaten enough, leave the rest.
  • To keep your meal moderate in calories, fat, and sugars:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Abs, Legs & Dinner

Work has been crazy busy so I really enjoy heading to the gym after work to relieve some stress. So last night I ran home to change and headed off to the gym. So today I wanted to share my workout.
After stretching I started out on the treadmill.
20 mins.: run 5 mins , speed walk 1 min. last two mins speed walk up hill.
As you can see I don't lose as many calories on the treadmill as the stair stepper. But since I am getting ready for race season I better stick to running but I will be doing the stair stepper at least 2 times a week.
After the treadmill I headed over the the mats.
50 crunches
20 squats
1 min. plank
20 incline sit ups
20 reverse sit ups
1 min. side planks (both)
50 crunches
20 squats
1 min. wall sit
20 reverse crunches
20 squats

After a good sweat I headed home and went staight to the shower. Nothing beat s a hot shower after a good workout.
For dinner last night I kept it light and had Special K cereal with unsweetened almond milk. This is the best meal for keeping it low calorie and it will definitely fill you up.

Tonight I have a business dinner at Chophouse 47 so I am sure I will  be taking many pictures of the delicious dishes. I will also have an early workout in the morning so make sure you check out it tomorrow!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healthy Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches & Workin it

When I woke up Sunday morning it was rainy and cold. So I knew it was a perfect day for cooking and Lifetime movies. I ran over to the grocery store and picked up the items I would need for my day of cooking. When I got home I slipped into my comfy's and the warmest sweatshirt I could find. I thencranked the heat up and of course turned the TV to Lifetime.
I started out with my lunches for work this week. I decided that I haven't had noodles less lasagna in a while and thought that it would be perfect for a rainy week.
Noodle less Lasagna Bake
What you will need
ground turkey
low sugar marinara
2 eggs
fat free cottage cheese
skim mozz cheese
Cook your ground turkey and then mix all your ingredients together in large bowl. Only use half the bag of skim mozz cheese. Then bake for about 45 mins on 375' (Check occasionally, all ovens are different) Once middle is fully cooked, top with the rest of your skim mozz cheese. Then cook until the cheese is melted.
I then cut into squares and put into different containers. Now I have lunch until Thursday :)

Next I made a Veggie Egg Bake.
What you will need
red pepper
skim mozz cheese
Mix everything together except the skim mozz cheese.
Let cook until egg is fully cooked in middle. Then top with mozz cheese.

I then packaged that up into separate container's for work.
Now I have breakfast for work until Thursday.

Next I wanted to share my work snacks. If you work in an office there are ALWAYS yummy yet horrible snacks floating around the office so I always make sure I keep snacks at my desk so I am not tempted to have the others. These are my favorite three snacks.
1. Special K Crackers. These are for days when I really just want to snack.
2. Almonds. These are for when I am really hungry.
3. ThinkThin protein bars. These are high in calories so I only have these if I know I am going to workout after work and I need something to hold me over till dinner.

Next I wanted to share my workout yesterday.
My mom over the weekend gave me a new pair of Saucony's and I kept forgetting to try them out. So yesterday I was pretty excited to see how they felt.

I started my workout on the stair stepper. Holy stair stepper. I haven't been on one in a while and wow it was tough.
20 mins
Fat burning level
Calories burnt - 300
Stairs climbed- 1,149

After I got some water and did a little bit of stretching, I headed over to the arm machines.
Each machine 10 reps 3 times

After that, I headed over to the mats to finish up with some planks
Front and both sides (50 secs).

I then headed home and was ready for a hot shower and some dinner.
My dinner was so random but good and low calorie.
I had miso soup and crab meat with cocktail sauce.

Tomorrow I will share another workout so make sure you check it out. I am ready for a good sweat after work :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Birchbox

My beauty box posts are always some of my favorite. Mainly because I am a girly girl and I love to try out new products. Since I have been receiving my boxes I haven't really had to purchase any other products throughout the month. It also helps with my skin and hair to change up products monthly.
So here we is March's box.

This box put me in the the Spring mood.

Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion

How it Works

This natural hydrator is loaded with antioxidant-rich botanicals like red tea, soy, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, and milk thistle. Naturally derived glycerin and honey provide instant moisture, with a hydrating boost from brassica plant extract. Always cruelty-free, this formula comes to you free of parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, and propylene glycol.

Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment Plus
How it Works
This luscious balm is overflowing with ojon oil from Central American rain forests. Rich in essential antioxidants and lipids, ojon oil (together with an infusion of Rouge Oleifera) restores the integrity of each hair shaft while sealing in shine. Over time, your hair will be less prone to breakage and heat damage. You’ll be glad to know that the filler-free formula doesn’t contain a single drop of water, and it’s also free of artificial preservatives, dyes, and heavy silicones. Plus, the invigorating scent is sure to win you over.

COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

How it Works

This is no ordinary SPF. COOLA suspended two skin-safe mineral sunblocks—titanium and zinc dioxide—in a moisturizing base to ensure a smooth, even application. Shea butter naturally softens skin. Age-reversing antioxidants like evening primrose extract and borage seed oil deflect free radicals, while naturally water-resistant plankton makes the formula extra-durable.

English Laundry No. 7 for Her

How it Works

This fruity cocktail combines hints of pear, jasmine, melon, and apricot to create a fragrance fit for the warmer months (or when you’re longingly thinking about said months). Base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk add warmth.

DDF® Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew

How it Works

A mix of aloe vera, vitamins A, C, and E, and grapeseed extract hydrate for supple, glowing skin. The fragrance-free formula absorbs quickly, so there’s no need to press pause on your a.m. routine as you wait for it to soak in.

I love how this box was all about repair and prevention. Especially since before we know it summer will be here and that is when we need it the most. I like always am impressed with my box. There is just something about trying new products that make me feel refreshed and pretty :)
Make sure you check out tomorrow!!
I will have a new recipe anddddd

a new workout!!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Lonestar, Healthy Meals and Mrs. Kay

This weekend for once actually seemed long and it was so enjoyable. I first wanted to share what I had for lunch with the girls from work on Friday. Check out this pizza. You would think that it was really unhealthy wouldn't you? Well it's not. For the entire pizza it was only around 600 calories and it was huge. It was made with a wheat crust, marinara sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and grilled chicken. It was healthy and delicious.
Now I will get to the exciting part of my weekend. My mom and sister in law came to town for the Extraordinary Women's Conference 2014. My mom and I went last year and had a blast so we figured we could  make this our little tradition. After work I met them for dinner and couldn't resist taking a picture of this. I am just so ready for spring and summer.

After dinner we headed to the auditorium for the first night of the conference. I loved our seats because I had somewhere to prop my feet up and also the view was perfect.

The night started and we were ready to have some fun.

Friday night was more of a concert which I thought was awesome because Lonestar preformed and well everyone knows I love country music

After the concert we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for the next day.
That morning after getting ready we headed down to the lobby for breakfast and I was pretty impressed with the healthy options they had. I had a small bowl of Special K cereal and eggs. The egg was a cheese omelet but I took out the cheese and added sugar free syrup. I also had a cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer (no sugar).

After we checked out of the hotel we headed back to the conference center and the first speaker up was Pam Tebow ( Tim Tebows mom). We missed the first half of her speech but what I heard was wonderful.

After she spoke and some music was played we had a little bit of a mid morning break so we headed out to check out some of the booths.
There was one booth that caught my eye (I wish I would have gotten a picture) that had beautiful handmade things all over the table. It was called Rahabs Rope. All the things that were on the table were made by girls that had been rescued from sex trafficking in India. Did you know that approximately 200 women are sold into prostitution in India every day? For us it is hard to imagine isn't it? Standing at that booth it really hit me how lucky and thankful I should be for the life I have lived. I need to do more for others and I plan on doing so. You only have one life to live, don't you want to make a difference? I know I do.
Check out the website:
In support I bought this journal, that will be great for recipes and ideas for LittleBlueDress.

I also bought my mom and I these cute little makeup bags.

At lunch I wanted to take mom and my sister in law to one of my favorite lunch places in Greenville. Luna Rosa. It's very quaint and the food in amazing.

I had the blacked shrimp salad.
 Spinach, blacked shrimp, goat cheese and pecans
Topped in homemade red wine vinaigrette.

I normally eat salads when I go out to dinner and this was one of my top 5 favorites.

The also serve gelato but I decided I would just take a picture of it instead of eating it :) The colors were so pretty.


After lunch we headed back to the conference but took our time because it was a beautiful day.

When we got back there were more speakers and music but the last of the speakers and the end of the conference Mrs. Kay from Duck Dynasty spoke. Her story was so real and she was so honest but yet funny.

I enjoyed every minute of my girls weekend and hope we continue to do this every year.
After we said our goodbyes I headed home but of course first I had to stop and see this cute face. He is getting so big and so much fun. I can't wait till he is big enough to go and play outside.

I have a lot of great things to share this week so I hope you will check them out.