Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Experiencing Motherhood for the First Time & Getting Back My Healthy Lifestyle

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the reason I haven't posted in quite some time is because we are currently expecting and since this is our first I wanted to keep it more private but now with just a few days away from delivery I thought I would set a gameplay for my recovery. I have gained quite a bit of weight, which is going to be totally worth it, but I am ready to get back to my healthy self. I think I have had enough pizza, Wendy's chicken sandwich's and anything with sugar to last me a lifetime. I am ready to get back in the kitchen and start cooking my healthy recipes and I really can't wait start running again. So today I am going to share all my goals for this new journey I am about to begin.

My first goal is to enjoy every second with my little man. Being there for him is the most important thing because I will never get this time back with him. I am going to soak it in and know that I am so blessed to be able to experience motherhood.

Next, is to get back in the kitchen. I absolutely love to cook and there is nothing better than creating new clean, healthy recipes. The best way to start this is to make a grocery list at the beginning of every week to help plan out my meals. I will try to post those on Sunday (or Monday) along with my goals for that week.

Also, it is time for me to get my exercise on!! If you have ever been one that exercises regularly then you know how much better you feel. I realize that I am not going to be able to go run a 5k the day after I deliver but slowly I want to get back the strength and endurance I had before. I have already signed up for my first 5k in March. Goals Goals Goals!!!

Last I want to make sure I get the rest needed to accomplish all of this. I realize with a newborn my sleeping habits will change dramatically but my goal is to get on a schedule as soon as possible.

My posts will become more frequent once we get little man home and settled. So I hope that you will join my journey to getting back my healthy lifestyle and experiencing motherhood for the first time!!