Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Bachelorette Weekend, Healthy Taco Salad & Leftovers

The countdown has officially began..... 8 DAYS and I will be on the beach with some of the BEST friends a girl could ask for. I CAN NOT WAIT!!
Now to some yummy food.
Last night I was in a cooking mood so I figured I would cook one of my favorite things Mexican. I always like cooking it more than picking it up because it cuts out a lot of unwanted oils and fat.
So last night I got everything I would need for a yummy taco salad.
What you will need
chicken breast
ground chicken ( this is for leftovers)
taco seasoning
red and green pepper
greek yogurt
reduced fat cheese
green chilies
I started by baking my chicken in the oven. I mixed water and half of the packet of taco seasoning in the bottom of the dish. Let cook on 375' until fully cooked. Then I shredded the chicken and then let bake for a little longer.
While that was baking I chopped up all my fresh veggies.

I also cooked my ground chicken, 1/2 taco seasoning pack, salsa and green chilies. ( this is for my lunches the rest of the week)

After the ground chicken was cooked I put into some Tupperware and then began cooking my veggies.

Once they were cooked and my shredded chicken was finished. I created my taco salad.

I topped it with non fat greek yogurt. This is so much better than sour cream. Your bathing suit will agree with you, I promise.

With my leftover lettuce, onions, peppers and ground chicken I now have enough to pack my lunch for the rest of the week. (and probably dinner ha)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where I have been the past two weeks!!

I know.... I knowwww I have been a very bad blogger the past two weeks but I have been somewhat of a crazy person. So just to give you an idea I thought I'd share a short recap.
It started off celebrating 4 years with the finace.
We now know we love Mongolian food.

After we went to TRY and agree on suits for the wedding. This may or may not be it haha :)

Then I went home and prepared to head to Florida for business for the week.

Sunday evening I headed off to the airport. Found my flight and was getting super excited about filling the warm Sunshine State weather.

From the flight I knew the weather was going to be great!

Once I arrived I checked in and headed up to my room to get ready for the first event.

My view from my room was beautiful!

I then headed down to the opening event for some dinner, fun and of course some work :)

The food looked great but I stuck to the lettuce wraps and salads.

After the event I headed up to bed and the next morning I woke up to this......

The next day we had back to back meetings but the real fun was later that night when we had an event at the ICEBAR. Half of the restaurant was pure ice, even the cups. It was one of the coolest ( COLDEST) things I have ever experienced.

And of course they had to have a photo booth.

The next morning I woke up again bright and early (it was raining, no pretty view)
Headed down to my meetings and started the day with lots of coffee.

Then sat through some more meetings.

Afterwards we all got ready and headed to Universal Studios for dinner.

The food here was amazing. It is new and I would suggest going!!

After dinner we headed down the street to listen to some reggae music.

The next morning I didn't have as many meeting so I went and sat by the pool so I could go through some emails. ( I was in heaven )

That night we headed to another event at the House of Blues......


This was by far my favorite meal.
The next day we finished up last minute meetings and headed to the airport.
Time to fly home. I was ready!!!

But when I got home I packed again to head to the fiances parents house where we were spending Easter.

This time I brought someone with me. I missed her all week, I was not leaving her home alone for another 4 days :) I know I am crazy!

We had a great time as always at his parents house because we get to play with these cuties.

And of course we had to dye Easter eggs. I will never be too old for that!!

After dinner Sunday we headed back and to be honest this is all I could think about doing....

I have been so busy that all I wanted to do was turn off my phone, shut my eyes and relax in my hammock for the rest of the day.
So there you go. I promise I will make up for the 2 weeks with some fabulous recipes, great workouts and of course share some more of my happy, healthy life!!