Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday

As you can tell from yesterday I am feeling a little bit under the weather so when I got home last night I went to my go to quick dinner.... Spaghetti Squash with marinara sauce and turkey sausage. Days like that is when I miss being able to just drive through fast food but my new healthy attitude tells that little voice. No! :) ha But I have to say if I had a choice between this and fast food I'd pick this!

This is actually my favorite meal. I never thought I would actually prefer spaghetti squash over angel hair noodles.
While I was cooking this little one got jealous and wanted some attention. Silly kitten!
She knows if she poses for pictures I will always drop what I am doing and come play with her. I just love her.
Now to my workout this morning.......
Today went a lot better than yesterday and I mean a lot better.
Week 6 Workout 4
I started on the treadmill for 20 minutes:
1 mile-0 incline going back in forth of 6.0 mph and 6.5 mph
Finished with 15 incline- 4.0 mph
3 rounds of each
30 jumping jacks
15 incline sit ups
15 reverse sit ups
15 minutes of arm weights
I also wanted to share my breakfast this morning. I am normally not very fond of protein bars and all the different kind of bars there are out there but I finally found one that was absolutely amazing. I had the thinkThin Chunky Peanut Butter High Protein Bar this morning and was shocked by how great it was. It has 0g sugar-20g protein-gluten free. Sounds like a winner right. Now since I am such a breakfast person we will see if it holds me over until lunch. If so I think I have found my new breakfast favorite.

Day 149:
Post Workout Smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, flax seed, light soy milk and 2 ice cubes
Breakfast: thinkThin crunchy peanut butter protein bar
Lunch: spaghetti squash with marina sauce and turkey sausage
Snack: almonds
Dinner: Salad with turkey sausage with low fat yogurt dressing.
98 days no diet mountain dew- 52 days no soda
38 days final goal
65 days fist 5k

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just Keep Going.......Just Keep Going

This morning came way too early today. When my alarm went off at 6:00 am I thought ugh I really want to stay in my warm bed. (I could hear it raining outside). But I am going to Charlotte this weekend to visit a friend and I knew it would be hard to get all my workouts in. So I slowly rolled out of bed, wiped my tired eyes, brushed my teeth and put on my sneakers. (it's true I don't even brush my hair when I go, just pull it up. don't judge ha) On the way to the gym I really thought this was not going to be an easy workout. My body just felt off. So I filled up my water bottle put in my headphones and got started. Wwwheeew boy was I right it was a rough day.
Week 6 Workout 3
Treadmill: 20 minutes
Warm up- 4 minutes, incline 15, 4.0 mph
1 mile- 0 incline, going back in fourth between 5.5 and 6.0 mph
finished up incline 15, 4.0 mph
50 jumping jacks
40 crunches
30 jumping jacks
20 squats
10 jumping jacks
10 push ups
3 times 10 reverse sit ups with 10 lb weight
Finished up which seemed like the longest workout ever with 15 minutes of leg weights.
When I got back home drenched in sweat but knowing it was well worth it. I hopped in the shower (best feeling shower ever). I got ready for work but decided I was not in the mood for my cute little dress and heels picked out the night before and went with grey stretchy pants, white tank top, scarf and flats. Much more comfortable and Thursday is kind of casual day at work anyways.
After I got dressed I let my hair air dry (I'm telling ya, it's one of those days) put on light makeup and made my smoothie and packed my lunch. (forgot to do last night)
Day 148:
Breakfast/ post workout smoothie
1 small banana, blueberries, strawberries, flax seed, light soy milk and 2 icecubes
For my morning snack
2 tbsp of my Skinny Me Pimento Cheese with fresh broccoli
Is it snack time yet, I love this stuff!
For lunch I decided on a fresh salad with
Romaine lettuce
reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese
turkey sausage
low fat yogurt cesar dressing

For my afternoon snack I boiled some fresh corn that I bought at the Farmer's Market last weekend

Snacked on some edamame throughtout the day as well (the roasted kind)
3 mints (60 cals)
Dinner: spag. squash with turkey sausage and marinara sauce

I know everyone has days like this. The most important thing is to keep going and never give up. I kind of did the Nemo thing this morning.  Just keep going... just keep going.... just keep going :)

97 days no diet mountain dew - 51 days no soda

39 days till final goal

66 days till first 5k

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Skinny Me Pimento Cheese

I wanted to start off by sharing my dinner last night. I know I have shared this before but I just can't get enough of it.

Romaine lettuce
turkey sausage
reduced fat cheese
sriracha hot sauce
2 tbsp low fat yogurt ceasar dressing (40 calories)
I normally grill some veggies to go with it but when I got home I was too hungry to wait for them to cook, This was perfect, fast and hit the spot.
Now to this tasty stuff......
I'm sure lately you have figured out I love pimento cheese but it is very high in calories. So last night I decided to make a Skinny version. I have to say it was quite tasty!

What you will need
 1 medium sized pimento can
1 non fat plain greek yogurt
1/4 cup reduced fat cream cheese (they didn't have fat free or I would probably use that)
2 cups of reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese
1 garlic clove minced
diced jalapenos
franks hot sauce (not pictured)
Start by adding all your ingredients to a bowl (this isn't all that I made. I first made a small batch to see if it was good)

then mix all together. Let refrigerate for about an hour,

then enjoy your Skinny Me Pimento Cheese on some fresh veggies.
Pretty simple right? :)

Week 6 workout 2
Elliptical for 20 minutes on the fat burning level
10 reps 5 total rounds
squat jumps
incline sit ups
kettle ball swing
jumping jacks
Then I did arm weights for 10 minutes
Day 147:
Post workout smoothie: 1/2 small banana, blueberries, strawberries, flax seed, light soy milk and 2 ice cubes
Breakfast: 2 medium eggs, turkey sausage and reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese
Snack: 15 almonds
Lunch: Skinny Enchilada Casserole
Snack: edamame
Dinner: When I got home I snacked on a few pieces of broccoli and Skinny Pimento Cheese with a small piece of turkey sausage to hold me over till dinner. Then I went to Applebees and had grilled chicken and shrimp with grilled onions (no sauce) and steamed broccoli
3 mints (60cals)
96 days no diet mountain dew - 50 days no soda
40 days till final goal
67 days till first 5k

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Skinny Enchilada Casserole

I tend to lean towards Mexican dishes whenever I prepare my lunches for the week on Sunday because well it is hard for me to get sick of it. Now I do have to switch it up sometimes so I thought I would share what I made this past Sunday evening.

What you will need
Sun dried tomato quinoa
enchilada sauce
black beans (drained)
rotel tomatoes and green chilies
ground chicken
green pepper
red pepper
taco seasoning
low fat cheese
Preheat oven 350'
Start by chopping up your veggies

After your ground chicken is fully cooked add your veggies and let cook for about 5 minutes on high. (you might need to add a little water)

Then add your taco seasoning and a cup of water. Let cook till fully absorbed.

While that is cooking, cook your quinoa.
Then pour in the bottom of your baking dish.

Then add half of your meat and veggie mixture,

1/2 of your rotel tomatoes and black beans,

1/2 of the enchilada sauce,

and 1/2 of the cheese.

Then repeat.

Let bake for about 20 minutes or until cheese is fully melted and golden.

This was my dinner for Sunday evening. I had also cooked some fresh cabbage from the farmer's market to go along with it and added some fresh salsa to my casserole. Delish!!

Like I mentioned yesterday today is the day that I start training for my very 1st 5k. I am pretty excited about it because I have always wanted to do one but to be honest I have always been to lazy. So I have set the date. September 14th I will be going to Concord, NC to run in my first 5k. I finished my first round today and I feel pretty good.
Week 6 Workout 1
Treadmill: 20 minutes
-walked incline 4 minutes to warm up on 4.0 mph
-jogged 1 mile on 6.0 mph. (oh yeah without stopping)
-finished up the 20 minutes walking incline at 15 at 4.0 mph
Ab workout (this was killer)
*5 rounds
10 sit ups
10 crunches
10 vertical sit ups
20 reverse sit ups
1 minute plank
Day 146:
Post workout smoothie: 1/2 peach, blueberries, 1 small banana, flax seed, light soy milk and 2 ice cubes
Breakfast: 2 medium eggs with sugar free syrup (1 tsp)
Snack: 15 almonds
Lunch: Skinny Enchilada Casserole
Snack: grilled asparagus, fresh fruit and the last of my fit popcorn (not even a cup)
Dinner: Turkey sausage with reduced fat cheese salad with hot sauce and low fat yogurt ceasar dressing. 2 tbsp Skinny Me Pimento Cheese with broccoli
95 days no diet mountain dew- 49 days no soda
41 days final goal
68 days till 1st 5k

Monday, July 8, 2013

Farmer's Market

Saturday after I went to the gym I got the bf to go with my to the local farmer's market. I had never been so I wanted to see what it was all about. I was super excited about seeing all the local veggies, fruits, meat, etc. Once we got there I was in veggie heaven. Everything looked so fresh and delicious so I got my wallet out and began purchasing. Here are some of the great finds!

Corn (white and yellow)
hot sauce
string beans

The salsa and hot sauce were made by a local and when I say local I mean it. He literally lives 3 house down from my apt and he makes it from home. Both were so very tasty.

I love any kind of fresh flowers. I got these 13 for $1. Aren't they beauties?

When I got home I right away started stringing the beans so I could take them to the cookout I was going to later.

I used to love stringing beans when I was a kid. I guess things haven't changed.
Motor was very jealous of all my finds because she wasn't getting any attention so she decided she would just sit on all my bags from the day. Gotta love her, look at that face she if giving me :)

Now I didn't get this at the farmer's market but I wanted to share it. I love popcorn but of course gave it up when I changed my eating habits. But when I was shopping the other day I found this. For the whole bag it only has 260 calories. (it's a pretty big bag)
I definitely will make the Farmer's Market a thing I do every Saturday. It prepares me for the week and I love that I get to support local farmer's.
 I begin my training schedule tomorrow for my very 1st 5k. I'm pretty pumped:)
Week 5 Workout 4
Treadmill 20 minutes: 4 minutes 15 incline 4.5 mph- 6 minutes 0 incline 6.0 mph- 4 minutes 15 incline 4.5- 5 minutes 0 incline - 6 minutes 0 incline 5.5 mph
100 jumping jacks
wall sit
10 push ups
3 times 10 incline sit ups
reverse incline sit ups
arm weights (10 minutes)
elliptical (cool down)
10 minutes
Day 143:
Breakfast: smoothie: strawberries, 1 small banana, flax seed, light soy milk and 2 ice cubes
Lunch:spaghetti squash with pizza sauce and turkey pepperonis
Dinner: corn and green beans 
Day 144:
Cheat day
Breakfast: salad with low fat yogurt dressing (weird I know but I ate it before I went to a baby shower)
Baby Shower: pimento cheese, chicken salad, veggies,nuts and mints
Snack: three small ribs from the cookout the previous night
Dinner:Skinny Enchilada Casserole (check out tomorrow for the by step recipe)
Day 145:
Breakfast: smoothie (1 small banana, blueberries, sf and ff cheesecake jello, flax seed, light soy milk and 1 ice cube)
Snack: 2 eggs with hot sauce and some almonds
Lunch: Skinny Enchilada Casserole
Snack: Fit popcorn with blacked eyed hummus and a small spoonfull of pimento cheese (the catered it at work for a snack I couldn't resisit) :)
Dinner: my favorite thai place opened back up so the bf and I went there where I had the usual chicken and veggies. Later on I found myself a little hungry so I had a few bites of my Skinny Enchilada Casserole leftover and a few turkey pepperonis.
94 days no diet mountain dew - 48 days no soda
42 days till final goal. No more cheat days until reached goal