Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Enchilada Chicken Soup and Week One of the Group LittleBlueDress Challenge

It is getting quite chilly here in SC and the best way to warm yourself up..... is nice big bowl of hot soup.

What you will need
crushed tomatoes
no salt added corn
black beans (drained)
fat free low sodium chicken broth
enchilada sauce
green chilies
taco seasoning
ground chicken or turkey
I started by cooking my ground chicken.
Once that was cooked I just added everything to a large pot and mixed together. I also filled the can of chicken broth up with water and added.

Then covered and turned on low and let cook for about 2 hours. I'm not sure of the exact time I was packing up my apartment.

When it was ready I packaged it up and now I have lunch for the rest of the week. So easy and healthy!!

Now to the Group LittleBlueDress Challenge.
Everyone made it through their first week and is doing great. I asked a few of the girls to explain how their first week went and how it was different from before.

*I have had a mixed bag of success. I succumbed to the carbs on Friday night while having dinner at Bouchon in Asheville. But I haven't had any soda in a week and that's very impressive for me. I don't know if I have ever gone longer than a day or so without a coke. And I got back on the wagon quickly instead of letting the wagon run me over repeatedly this weekend.

*This past week I have been more successful then I thought I could be or ever have been before. I credit that YOU ladies, thank you so much for keeping me accountable! Overall the first week went well, I did have some intense sugar cravings on Day 2 and Day 4, but I didn't do cardio on Day 3 and I noticed that if I get a good cardio in then I crave sugar less the next day. I am not sure if this is mental or just my body reacting to healthy food and exercise. I did have a cheat meal, it was on Friday evening. I attending a charity gala as a representative for work. The catering was sponsored by a 'luxe' bbq place so it was very hard to resist but I only had grilled zucchini, potatoes, and pulled pork. NO bun and NO dinner roll, which I made sure my friends noticed... it was a proud moment That night however I was starving and craved in and got a sub. I did get right back on track the next morning and the rest of the weekend! I am looking forward to this next week. I have only drank water, limited myself to 1 coffee a day, cut out processed sugar, cut out bad carbs ( I have keep quinoa, brown rice, healthier GF grains in my diet for now), lean meats, 5-6 meals a day, and exercise 4x a week.

*This first week created more of a transformation within myself than I expected. The carb bloat in my tummy is gone. I have lost almost an inch in my lower waist. I'm noticing changes on the scale (which I'm trying not to get too excited about because it could be all water). The one time I did eat carbs (homemade pizza last night) I woke up feeling sluggish. My body has gotten accustomed to me drinking lots of water. I have learned to notice when my body needs more. The sugar cravings are almost completely gone (which was my biggest hurdle). I had only a bite of an apple strudel at the renaissance fair this weekend and that was enough.
Also, it has just been easier to say "no," to things I shouldn't be eating. Normally I would open a bottle of wine over the weekend, but all of my bottles are intact. At the festival, I resisted the funnel cakes and carbs and settled for some of a turkey leg (no skin).
I have continued exercising 4 or more times a week, except now I don't feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere in terms of results. I am actually noticing the fruits of my labor in my body

*My office has a bake sale today AND just brought in several boxes of free Shipley donuts. I walked away Small victory.

These ladies have not only motivated each other but myself as well. We have all really kept each other accountable and had fun while doing it! I will keep you all posted how things go, especially because we are getting closer and closer to the Holidays.

Workout (YAY I am back to the gym after being sick)
1 mile on the treadmill
15 minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes on the bike
5 minutes different planks
arm weights
Day 9 Group LittleBlueDress Challenge
Breakfast: 2 eggs with sugar free syrup and mixed fruit
Lunch: spag. squash with ground chicken and low sugar marinara
Snack: non fat yogurt with a few peanuts
Pre workout snack: almonds
Dinner: enchilada soup



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