Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting Back To My Workout Routine

With my moving, new job and getting engaged these past three weeks I can say the only thing that has suffered is my workout routine. When I get home from work I think about the things that I need to unpack, wedding plans and stuff that I need to read over for work. So the last few weeks I just have been exhausted and not felt like going to the gym. But I know that I need to get back to the gym. So I looked up some tips to help me get back to where I was.


 So I wanted to share them with everyone today.

Reshape your behavior. "Everyone sets New Year's resolutions. The problem is most people don't make them realistic enough," says Batayneh. A realistic goal is one that's more about creating a healthier outlook than working your way down a to-do list. If you focus on making behavioral changes before piecing together the details of your workout regimen, Batayneh says you're more likely to achieve your goals.
Get prepared. Plan ahead and you're a lot less likely to back out tomorrow. Of course, this entails more than simply scribbling "go to the gym" on a Post-it note and sticking it to your alarm clock. Batayneh tells her clients to pack their gym bags and get breakfast and lunch ready for the next day. "Very small things you can do the night before will set you up for success," she says. For extra security, put the gym bag in your car.
Be consistent. It's no secret that in order to reach your fitness goals, you must make exercise an integral part of your daily life. "The body craves consistency," Batayneh says. So does the mind. If you want to work out from 8 to 8:45 a.m. Monday through Thursday, write it down in your planner and treat it as an inflexible appointment. Soon, your brain and body will happily fall in line and you won't need to set reminders for yourself. Regular sleep and meal times will further solidify your new fitness regimen.
Use momentum to your advantage. "Focus on making lots of good little decisions," Batayneh says. "When your behavior makes you feel better, you're going to feel positive and keep going." If you're planning a big leap—say, going from being sedentary to working out five days a week—consider starting with a few small, fail-safe moves. You'll have a much easier time saying "yes" to 15 minutes of Pilates at home than to an hour-long session at the gym— until you're back in your exercise groove.
Track every workout. Why are store rewards programs so successful? Because nothing drives us forward like seeing what we've already racked up (stopping halfway to a reward feels like losing free money, right?). By the same token, seeing small milestones in ink is an easy way to build fitness momentum. Not into keeping a fitness journal? Get a calendar and simply make a check mark for every day you work out. It may not be as efficient as tracking your measurements or heart rate, but trust me, if you see that you've hit the gym every day this week, you're not going to break your winning streak when some silly excuse comes along.
Plan on some catch-up. Eager to get moving again? Not so fast: It's common for people to overestimate their fitness level when starting or restarting a training routine. Rather than assuming your ability is the same as it used to be, start slowly so you can gauge your strength. Choose a lighter dumbbell off the rack for your first few deadlifts. Warm up with a week of active stretching or sit in on a beginner's class before you resume intermediate yoga. The good news is that it probably won't take long to bounce back to your prior fitness level. A slow start definitely beats fatigue, excessive muscle soreness, and injury—what you risk by overdoing it.
Think wellness, not weight loss. That's Batayneh's mantra. Why? It gets back to focusing on behavioral changes instead of the particulars of a program. When you think about overall wellness as the reason for beefing up your exercise efforts, you're more likely to choose a sustainable program, she says. Sure, a hyped-up, trendy program might look good on paper, but you may not be comfortable with what's required to keep up with it. "The changes you make to get in shape are the changes you're going to have to [maintain]," Batayneh says, adding: "If they aren't sustainable, they aren't worth doing."

So starting this Monday I am getting back to my workout routine and will make sure I do it!
I will be making up all new workouts so I don't get burnt out and will make sure to share them all.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Part 3

We got to Bishopville Friday around dinner and just hung out around the house then later that night we played poker with his parents. I defiantly don't have the patience to play, after a while I just gave all the chips away.
Then next morning Mel & Alex came in and the girls went shopping while the guys played golf. We had a plenty of football to watch that night so had to make sure to get plenty of snacks.
Before all the games started all the family came over to congratulate us on the engagement and to hangout for a while. Mel is going to be very close to giving birth to sweet baby Ryder at Christmas so she wont be able to travel. So she went ahead and got her cousins presents early. They didn't mind :)

They LOVED the gifts!

Isn't she the sweetest.

All the ladies.

 The newest to the family. Sweet Piper.

Then it was time for the future parents to get some practice in. It won't be long!!!

After a little while everyone left and we got ready for the Auburn Vs. Alabama game. This is one game I wait around for all year. It was such a good game and if you didn't see it you need to go watch the last 5 seconds. AMAZING!

This Thanksgiving couldn't have been better. We got to see all of our loved ones and had a blast while doing it!!
I am looking forward to the many Holiday's to come with both of my families. Blessed

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Part 2

Saturday morning was probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving....getting the Bowen Bunch Christmas tree. Now our tree isn't your average size. You might be a little shocked when you see it later.
Here are just some of the pictures I took.
I could look at this view for days.

I sure hope he can handle the amount of pictures I take.

After some pictures we hiked to the top of the mountain where all the "big trees" were. Let me tell ya I did not have the correct boots. I was slippin and slidin everywhere.

Sister and I thought we would chop down our own tree.

But brother found the perfect one. A whopping 16 feet.

While they chopped the tree down I figured it would be a great time for more photos.

This was not a light tree. I believe they got their workout in for the day.


Time to head down the mountain,

so we can get this baby home.

It must be a Bowen sister thing. We always take picture of our feet in the snow.

We had such a great time at my parents for the first part of Thanksgiving but
 then it was time to head to our other families house for the rest of  Thanksgiving!

 To be continued...................

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankgiving 2013 Part 1

Thursday morning the fiancee :) and I headed to the mountains to spend the first part of the Holiday week with my family. I was so excited because I heard that it was going to be a white Thanksgiving. That excitement wore off a little once we had to walk up my driveway with all of our luggage.

Isn't it beautiful?  I love going home to the mountains.


For some reason I always take a picture of my feet in the snow:)

The beautiful / cozy home I grew up in.

It was also my mommas birthday this week so I got her some flowers with her present and of course she had to get a picture with them. My picture taking craziness must have come from her.

All day Thanksgiving we all just hung around the house and enjoyed each other's company. (Well they enjoyed their ipads)

And some others enjoyed their naps. I have a picture of him like this for the past four years. Elevation sickness, what?

With my future hubby :)

I was so glad my sister got to come in. She lives in FL so it isn't always easy.

We all enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Mainly so we could snack all day.

My fabulous family. Minus Brad, Allison and Carter

Here is what I had for Thanksgiving. I knew that I couldn't miss out on dressing and squash casserole. So I just made sure my portions were small and I added fruit to my plate this year.

After our bellies were stuffed we got into some comfy clothes and played Clue. I hadn't played that game in years.

Afterwards we all went to bed because we had to get up early to go Christmas tree shopping!!!

To be continued till tomorrow............