Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crab legs, boys and 30 things to stop doing to yourself.

Yesterday the fiance was around my work during lunch so we decided to meet up for a little lunch date. As soon as he asked what was around my work I knew where he would want to go.

He is pretty much obsessed with any type of seafood.
Both of us haven't been to Joe's in forever so we were surprised with the amount of choices they had. We ended up going with thisssss.....

It was a pot for 2.
Ways I kept it healthy at Joe's.
1. used cocktail sauce not the butter sauce
2. Drank plenty of water
3. Gave the potatoes to the fiance
4. Only had one bite of the sausage ( just to try) and gave the rest to the finace
5. Said no to dessert :)

There is no way I can eat lunches like that everyday. After I got back to my desk I was stuffed and sleepy. But I guess every once in a while it is good to have a little lunch date :)
After work I headed over to hangout for a birthday party. I was pretty excited because I got to see this face.

and there were even two more cuties I got to play with. They are at my favorite age.

And well he is just plain perfect.

Eating healthy at a birthday party is normally impossible. At this one they had pizza. If you know me you know it is so hard for me to turn down pizza but I did it. I knew I had food at home that I could eat later. My bathing suit was very happy for my decision.
Next I wanted to share something I saw on facebook today. If you are new to my blog it is about my journey to a healthier happier life.
30 This things to stop doing to yourself
(to read full article go to  http://www.lifebuzz.com/just-stop/)

#1. Stop spending time with the wrong people.
#2. Stop running from your problems
#3. Stop lying to yourself.

#4. Stop putting your own needs on the back burner.

#5. Stop trying to be someone you’re not.
#6. Stop trying to hold onto the past.

#7. Stop being scared to make a mistake.
#8. Stop berating yourself for old mistakes.

#9. Stop trying to buy happiness.
#10. Stop exclusively looking to others for happiness.

#11. Stop being idle.

#12. Stop thinking you’re not ready.
#13. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons.

#14. Stop rejecting new relationships just because old ones didn’t work.
#15. Stop trying to compete against everyone else.

#16. Stop being jealous of others.
#17. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.

#18. Stop holding grudges.
#19. Stop letting others bring you down to their level.

#20. Stop wasting time explaining yourself to others.
#21. Stop doing the same things over and over without taking a break.

#22. Stop overlooking the beauty of small moments.
#23. Stop trying to make things perfect.

#24. Stop following the path of least resistance.
#25. Stop acting like everything is fine if it isn’t.

#26. Stop blaming others for your troubles.

#27. Stop trying to be everything to everyone.
#28. Stop worrying so much.

#29. Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen.

#30. Stop being ungrateful.

I think this just hit the nail on the head. Don't you think?

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