Monday, November 10, 2014

High Cotton

Since starting my current job I have been to many "fancy" restaurants and they all have their own different touches. But whether they are good or bad they all have the beautiful city to look at while you eat.
Another thing I love about this city is the art.... it can be breathtaking and sometimes it is just nice to walk around and take it all in.

Tonight our dinner was at High Cotton. Now for me, even though I was raised in a very "boondock" town, I am not a fan of southern food. I don't see what is so great about sweet tea, fried chicken and mac n cheese. Now what I do know about is basically anything Asian. I could eat Asian food all day every day. But back to dinner. I was a little skeptical about the menu when I checked it out because it was full of all of those southern foods that I am not in to. But I will say this place didn't have fried chicken.
When I walked through their swirling doors I fell in love with all of their light fixtures. They were all so different and to me a little magical.


After our entire group got there, the sweet hostess took us to our table. The place is two stories and I was just amazed with all of the beautiful art on the walls and how well kept everything was.

We all found our seats and started ordering our drinks and as we were doing so I started checking out the menu. I noticed something.... If you know me, you know what I am talking about. :)

We started with appetizers but the only thing I would change about this place is more appetizer options.
So I started with a salad but I wasn't disappointed. It was so fresh and tasty.
 Now to the main dish... I will probably be talking about this dish weeks from now. I am also going to try and recreate it because it was that amazing.
I had the sweet potato, eggplant "lasagna". Now I really do not like noodles, I am just not a fan of the texture. (not to mention the carbs).
But with this dish instead of noodles they used sweet potatoes and eggplant.

Even though this meal sounded absolutely amazing it was vegetarian. I have nothing against being a vegetarian but I have to have some sort of meat.
So I got the chef to fix me up a side of grilled shrimp.  

This meal was probably the best meal I have had in a while. The flavor and everything was on point and you could just tell everything was so fresh.
So to end this post.. don't ever judge a book by it's cover because you never know the greatest that it may bring you.

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