Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Bachelorette Weekend, Healthy Taco Salad & Leftovers

The countdown has officially began..... 8 DAYS and I will be on the beach with some of the BEST friends a girl could ask for. I CAN NOT WAIT!!
Now to some yummy food.
Last night I was in a cooking mood so I figured I would cook one of my favorite things Mexican. I always like cooking it more than picking it up because it cuts out a lot of unwanted oils and fat.
So last night I got everything I would need for a yummy taco salad.
What you will need
chicken breast
ground chicken ( this is for leftovers)
taco seasoning
red and green pepper
greek yogurt
reduced fat cheese
green chilies
I started by baking my chicken in the oven. I mixed water and half of the packet of taco seasoning in the bottom of the dish. Let cook on 375' until fully cooked. Then I shredded the chicken and then let bake for a little longer.
While that was baking I chopped up all my fresh veggies.

I also cooked my ground chicken, 1/2 taco seasoning pack, salsa and green chilies. ( this is for my lunches the rest of the week)

After the ground chicken was cooked I put into some Tupperware and then began cooking my veggies.

Once they were cooked and my shredded chicken was finished. I created my taco salad.

I topped it with non fat greek yogurt. This is so much better than sour cream. Your bathing suit will agree with you, I promise.

With my leftover lettuce, onions, peppers and ground chicken I now have enough to pack my lunch for the rest of the week. (and probably dinner ha)


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