Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No Longer Crabby

I am feeling much better today, after a good nights sleep and waking up and realizing that today is a new and beautiful day.

Tonight I plan on taking my boyfriend to dinner to Dudleys, a delicious fresh seafood restaurant, start spring cleaning my apartment,  taking a good long bath, putting on fuzzy warm pajamas, watching my show I am addicted to, Dance Moms (Don't Judge).So I am ready to get through this workday and having a wonderful evening in my cozy little apartment.

I have been adding pictures of the things that I eat but they are not the actual pictures. I have broken my camera and will be getting a new very soon. So when I do  I will post pictures of the actual yummy delights that I cook :)

Day 14:
Breakfast: low fat yogurt
Snack: pistachios
Lunch: grilled chicken and low fat bean dip
Snack: dry roasted edamame
Dinner: I am going with my boyfriend to Dudleys a nice restaurant in my little town. We shared crab legs and I had a small piece of corn and two very small pieces of sausage ( from part of in low country boil). I also had a side cesar salad with just lettuce, mozzarella cheese and tomato balsamic vinaigrette


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