Friday, February 8, 2013

Girl Time

I just bought my new camera :) It's pink & red, just in time for valentines day...cheesy I know. Get ready for some delicious healthy looking recipes and learn a little about my passions and goals in life. Fashion, Health & Love.
I am so excited I am headed to my home town this weekend, Waynesville NC
All of my best friends still live there so it will be such a great time to see them. When we all get together we turn back into the little high school girls we were when out friendship began. Now the best part of this weekend is I get to meet one of my best friends son for the first time. He is going to be one lucky boy because all of his aunties love him so much and are going to spoil him rotten! (that's the best thing about being an auntie you can play with them and spoil them and send them back)

This was at her baby shower in October.
Now another reason I am super ready to go home is because I get to see my fabulous mom and dad. I am also helping my little brother move into his first home. (tear) (he is getting married in June, even bigger tear)
My family eats pretty healthy, always have. I grew up not really eating fried chicken or drinking sweet tea, so therefore I don't eat them now. People always make fun, saying a girl from the south has to like fried chicken and sweet tea. (I'd disagree) But when my girlfriends get together it is like a feeding frenzy. Growing up all of our parents could never understand how girls could eat so much and be so loud. Oh we could! :)
It is definitely going to be hard to not cheat this weekend but if I just took how far I have come, it will give me the ability to put all those fatty foods down and maybe have some grapes instead!
Day 17:
Breakfast: leftover homemade egg & turkey casserole
Snack: almonds
Lunch: 2 veggie burgers ( with mustard & no bread) yeah as you can see it was a little last minute lunch preparation.
Snack: banana and peanut butter
Dinner: my mommas homemade chili

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