Monday, April 1, 2013

HoPpY Easter

When it comes to holidays  I am like a five year old again. I just love all the many activities and memories made on holidays. So I was super excited about Easter this weekend. It was an absolutely  beautiful weekend. As soon as I was off work on Friday I went straight to the store to get the stuff I would need to dye eggs. I went ahead and boiled the eggs so they would be ready whenever we had the chance to dye them.
I was pretty proud of myself I only cracked three while boiling

That night I went to the bf's sister house, where the bf, his sister, fiancee and I grilled out, dyed eggs and just had a laid back blast sitting by the fire.
I know I'm not the best egg dyer but I have a blast doing it

Nothings better than a night in with your favs, no makeup, comfy sweats, yummy food,  a blazing fire, and of course dying eggs.

I caught the bf doing his happy fire dance?

Motor wasn't really into hanging out, but isn't she darling.

Two weeks and these two love birds will be married. (wwheew haha)

My favs

For dinner that night, they had oysters (I'm allergic) and I had the best Maui Maui with a mango sauce that I had ever had because

of course the bf grilled it.

I am so mad because I forgot to get a picture of the Maui Maui but at least I got some of the oysters. But I personally think they would be a pain to eat. (shuck)
All in all it was a amazing weekend because other than Easter dinner we had no plans to be anywhere. We all just kicked back and relaxed and enjoyed each other.
Day 62:

Breakfast: slept in
Lunch: Zaxbeys blackened blue salad (no dressing, no bread, and took of crispies)
Dinner: a very large piece of maui maui

Day 63:
Breakfast: slept in
Lunch: turkey burger with cheese, jalapenos, lettuce and ketchup with quinoa salad
Dinner: 3 ribs, 1/2 piece of corn on the cob 2 whole deviled eggs
Late night snack: fruit and low fat cheese.

Day 64: I have 11 days till the big weigh in day, so I am going to be very strict these last 11 days.

Breakfast: grapes and strawberries
Lunch: roasted pepper tomato soup (gluten free, all natural)
Snack: large green apple
Dinner: Low calorie black bean soup. I will be sharing step by step tomorrow.


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