Friday, March 29, 2013

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I hate carrots
  2. I love camping and being outdoors
  3. I have one sister and two brothers
  4. My favorite color is... I don't have one, I am a very colorful person
  5. I am horrible at math
  6. I am obsessed with baths
  7. I feel naked if I am not wearing jewelry
  8. I have been in around 11 car wreaks (eekk)
  9. I have a kitten named Motor and a hermit crab named Amelia
  10. I never leave the house without eyeliner on
  11. I love nail polish
  12. I love the smell of hotel hallways (well the nice ones)
  13. I have never been to NYC
  14. I want to live by the beach one day
  15. I love cooking
  16. I hate doing dishes
  17. I am a reality TV junkie
  18. I act just like my mom
  19. I look just like my grandmother ( my dad's mom)
  20. My next pets with be a chocolate lab and a mini dachshund
  21. I don't have a smart phone and do not want one.
  22. I have canceled my facebook until I reach my goal weight (I like not having it ha)
  23. I read People and Us Weekly online every morning
  24. I am a Pintrest addict
  25. I feel prettiest when I am wearing a fabulous pair of shoes

Day 61:
Breakfast 2 eggs and fat free yogurt                                  
Lunch: beef jerky
Dinner: found myself not hungry and went to bed before I ate dinner.
Lunch for Champions
Best way to spend my lunch today, listening to country music, with the sunroof open, munchin on beef jerky and sippin on diet mountain dew. Beautiful day in the Upstate!



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