Monday, April 28, 2014

Holy Frankenstein, Good Food, Best Friend Time & More Wedding Stuff

Yes, you can go ahead and laugh, I did too. I have hurt my neck and back so for who knows how long I will have to use this baby. Don't I look cute? ha
This weekend was pretty low key but it was full of good food and best friend time.

First check out this restaurant. Do we own it? Nope, but the food was delicious.
Although I did end up taking off the salsa on the chicken. (not the best)

Then Saturday morning, the fiance and I went to our favorite little French cafe.
Where I had a turkey sausage, sun dried tomato and spinach omelet. I gave the fiance the potatoes and biscuit.

Then later that afternoon my best friend/ one of my MOH's came to hang out for the day.

We went to a Mexican restaurant downtown...not my fav and way to pricey, then I of course had to take her to the beef jerky store. YES, a whole store that is JUST beef jerky.

Then we stopped by a store that is JUST popcorn. I am not big on popcorn but this stuff is crazy good.

They have every flavor you can think of. I of course got some for the fiance.

After we did some shopping we headed down to the waterfalls. I love this part of downtown.

Once it started getting late we said our goodbyes and I headed  home.
The next morning I woke up and headed home because mom and I had some work that HAD to be done.

Yes wedding stuff. I never knew a wedding was so much work. sheesh.
We worked for a while out on the porch while getting distracted every two seconds. My mom and I are the best at getting distracted. Putting us together to get something done, probably not a good idea. But we actually ended up getting a lot accomplished. (also the best friend came over and helped too)

We went through old albums and I just had to share this picture. Looks like I have always done the hand on hip pose :)

I am getting so excited about the wedding that I can not stand it. Now that I am seeing things actually coming together I am getting a little nervous but it's the best nervous feeling I have ever had. I really would not  have been able to do this stuff without my mom, she has helped me every step of the way. So very thankful for her.
After we finished up some wedding stuff I headed home.
For dinner I made it a quick one. I picked up a rotisserie chicken and cooked some green beans. Quick, yummy and healthy!!

My bachelorette weekend is 3 days awayyyyy!!!!

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