Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where have I been the past month?

I know..... I know.... I have not been around for the past month because well I have been a very busy lady. What have I been doing one might ask? Well I GOT MARRIED!!
Two weeks ago I finally became Mrs. Brown. The weekend was magical and words can't express how perfect the entire weekend was so I'll just share some pictures.



I will be sure to share all the professional pictures once I get them. I am SO excited. I didn't have my camera or phone the whole time so these are just pictures that people have sent me. So I am pretty excited about seeing the ones of Shaun & I.
Now that I am living my happily ever after and all my stress is gone, I can finally get back to my sweet little blog. Although I think I will be changing it around a little and making it more about my life in general. I will still be sharing healthy recipes and exercises but I also want to share the new journey I am on right now...being a wife.
Happy Thursday... I will be back Monday!!

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