Monday, June 30, 2014

Surprises for the Hubby & Questioned by the Cops

So the past week has been a little rough for the hubby. On Wednesday he hurt his back at work and has been in so much pain. We were both pretty worried because he has already had back surgery so we were hoping it wasn't serious. So we headed to his parents for the weekend so we could just relax and do nothing. We were hoping that keeping off of it would help but unfortunately he was still in a lot of pain.
So Saturday while he was still sleeping I headed to town and did a little shopping to make him a little basket full of his favorite things along with meds, heating and freezing patches and bath salts.
I had so much fun making this basket and seeing how it made his day makes me want to do it everyday but that might be a little much. But this gave me a great idea for the month of July. Every day in July (30 days) I am going to surprise him with something to show him how thankful I am to be his wife. Some will be silly and some will be sweet but you will have to check them out to see. I'm pretty excited about this.
On Sunday we headed back home but the hubby was still in so much pain so we decided to stop by the VA hospital to have it checked out. When we checked in I asked how long the wait was going to be and she just kind of laughed and said she had no idea. Which means we were going to be here a while. So we sat down for a little while but if you know me you know I can't sit still for a long period of time so I decided to grab some snacks out of the car and walk around and look at the memorials outside.

They have a walkway that if you are looking down from a plane the American Flags are in the shape of South Carolina.

After walking around for a little while I figured I would head back and check to see if he had been called back yet. But as I was walking into the hospital I hear someone screaming Mrs. Mrs. stop stop stop. I turn around thinking someone was behind me but no this cop was chasing after me. So once he caught up to me he pulled me aside and  he asked to see my phone and asked me all of these questions like why was I taking pictures and what is my reason for being here. Not going to lie I was pretty dang nervous.  I didn't think taking pictures of the flags would cause so much drama. After explaining why I was there and that I just taking pictures for personal use he told me that I should go sit by my husband and stay there till we leave. I felt like I was being punished by the principle.
Leave it to me to get into trouble for taking pictures. But after a long wait and a big shot we headed home for some much need rest.
What I have in store for this week..... A new recipe and 4 days of  Surprises for the Hubby and maybe some other fun things along the way. Hope you check them out.
HAPPY MONDAY & 4th of JULY week!!

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