Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Got the Clear? Almost.

Yesterday I headed to the doctor for my 6 week checkup. I was hoping that I would be completely cleared but there are still some things that they have to keep an eye on. The good news is that I can start training for my first 5k since getting pregnant (almost). Before I went to the doctor I jumped ahead of the gun and wrote out my running plan but the doctor told me I should wait one more week. (which is okay because this week is freezing). I'll keep you all posted when I start, I am pretty nervous, it has been a while since I have jogged but I can't wait to get moving!

Another thing I wanted to share today is something I made Sunday night. It is one of my easiest recipes and it is great for leftovers. Since Brunson arrived I need quick, easy meals that just need to be heated up. So for all you mommas on the go this is a good one. It's actually good for anyone that loves lasagna but doesn't love all the carbs. 

Here you go!

Noodleless Lasagna

92% lean ground beef
Low sugar marinara sauce ( I use Hunt's)
Ricotta cheese (part skim)
Fresh Spinach
Reduced fat mozzarella/cheddar cheese

It's simple.
Preheat oven to 350'
Cook your ground beef add marinara
In large casserole dish layer fresh spinach (layer a lot because it does shrink)
Then meat sauce
Then ricotta cheese
Then shredded cheese
Then repeat.
Put in oven and let cook for about 20 minutes.
See Simple.

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