Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tips on an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle can improve your health and make you look and feel better. These are 10 tips that can help you to achieve a more active lifestyle and the benefits that come with it

Start Early: It's much easier to maintain a level of fitness than to achieve it in the first place. So get started on an active lifestyle as early in life as possible.

Sleep and Rest: About 65% of Americans are overweight and about 65% don't get enough sleep. So the connection is obvious. Sleep and rest are critical to keeping your body healthy so that you'll get the full benefits from an active lifestyle and so that you'll feel energetic enough to want to exercise.

Diet: You also need to have a healthy diet to complement an active lifestyle. Most people overestimate the calories burned during minor activity so don't think you can eat a lot more. And stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and limiting caffeinated beverages and alcohol.

Avoid Injury: Don't let injuries become a barrier to a more active lifestyle. Do safe stretching exercises regularly, use proper care lifting any objects, wear comfortable shoes as much as possible and apply a heating pad at the first sign of stiffness to keep it from getting worse.

Good Posture: Practice good posture at all times, and you'll be treating your body to the benefits of an active lifestyle even when no one can see you exercising. Good posture firms your abdominal muscles, improves your breathing, promotes strength and stability, and prevents injury.

Walking: Brisk walking is excellent exercise. Take a walk before work or on your lunch hour or walk to work if possible. Do not overestimate how much exercise you really get just walking around your home or office.

Stairs: Skip the elevator or escalator and walk up the stairs whenever possible. Walking downstairs is just hard on your joints.

Pilate's: You'll get more out of any exercise if you put your full mental concentration into it. I find Pilate's very efficient but you can apply this to many activities.

Make Sedentary Activities Less Sedentary: It's best to concentrate on exercising, but there is still some benefit in doing exercises while watching TV or talking on the phone. So you can try such things as treadmills or floor exercises.

Social Activities: It will be a lot easier to stick with a more active lifestyle if you make it part of your social activities by doing things together like hiking, biking, tennis, horseback riding or yoga.

Day 20:
Breakfast: leftover egg and turkey casserole
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: Business lunch at Palmetto Ale House
3 grain veggie burger with corn, black beans
and roasted peppers served with fresh
guacamole, lettuce & onion (no bread) with a side of veggies
Snack: leftover asparagus
Dinner: me and the bf went to our favorite Chinese restaurant in town,  New China. We know the owner's and I personally think one of the owners has a small crush on my bf :). Anyhow I started with some wonton soup (didn't eat the wontons just the broth) then for my main dish I had the hunan chicken with just broccoli and onion, extra spicy (no rice).
Dessert: no sugar added fudgesicle

I had to share this.
My nephew Carter. My sister said he must take after us cause he is ready to party!!



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