Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall for Greenville

Friday night the bf and I got together with two of our good friends. We decided that we wanted to head over to Fall for Greenville. I had never been and I was super excited to be going to another festival. I shortly decided I like festivals during the day better. The crowd was a little too much for me. All in all though we had a great time.
When we got there we decided to go get some tickets in case we found something that we would want to try.

 My friend let me know that it should be called Fall Down Greenville instead. I learned that this was very true and even more entertaining.

The boys!

They just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. cuuuuties

Greenville I have to say is a beautiful city at night!

They decided to try some bbq steak with cabbage. I tried the steak and it was delish.


We stopped by this booth because we were going to get a turkey leg. (oh yes I love turkey legs) But we were too late, they were already finished for the night. But such sweet ladies.

After a little while it was time to tell the crowd goodbye.
Now where is the next festival?

Day 15 recommit:
Breakfast: 3 medium eggs
Snack: 25 almonds
Lunch: spaghetti squash with ground chicken and low sugar marinara and 100% whole wheat cheese toast (skim mozz)
Snack: green apple and a small cup of hot chocolate
Dinner: chessy rotel chicken casserole

191 days no diet mountain dew

30 days till (new) ultimate goal-

April 4th 1st 10k- 171 days

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