Monday, November 11, 2013

Carter's First Birthday

Happy Monday. Sorry for the lack of post last week but I was sick and the thought of doing anything but sleep made me dizzy. But this post will definitely make up for it.
On Saturday, thank goodness I was feeling much better and could go out of town to my adorable nephews first birthday.


My brother's wife did such a good job on the decorations, aren't they cute!

Mommy, daddy and birthday boy!!

He is a quick little thing, I tell ya that. My knees are still sore from crawling around with him.

Happy Auntie!!
Then it was birthday cake time.

Happy birthday to you......

He just wanted to touch that colorful cake,

but he is just like daddy, not a fan of sweets.

Present time.

His favorite things were the books, balls and his Curious George.

 After presents it was more auntie time. I am a bit of a baby hog.


 (please excuse my weirdo brother and his stache ha )

After a day filled with family, love and laughter it was time to head back home. I wanted to steal Carter but I don't think I would get very far. Seeing that sweet boys face made my entire month. I just love him!
Tomorrow make sure you check out my post. I will posting my new recipe for Enchilada Chicken Soup. I will also be doing an update on how the first week of the Group LittleBlueDress Challenge went.
I will be getting back to my workouts, thank goodness. Last week since I was sick I didn't really feel up to any type of workout.

I stuck with my LittleBlueDress Challenge days 4 thru 7 but was sick and didn't write down what I had.
Day 8:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with sugar free syrup and mixed fruit
Snack: edamame
Lunch: enchilada chicken soup (check out tomorrow for recipe )
Snack: non fat yogurt
Dinner:spag. squash with marinara and ground chicken with sweet potato fries and frozen yogurt for dessert.

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