Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankgiving 2013 Part 1

Thursday morning the fiancee :) and I headed to the mountains to spend the first part of the Holiday week with my family. I was so excited because I heard that it was going to be a white Thanksgiving. That excitement wore off a little once we had to walk up my driveway with all of our luggage.

Isn't it beautiful?  I love going home to the mountains.


For some reason I always take a picture of my feet in the snow:)

The beautiful / cozy home I grew up in.

It was also my mommas birthday this week so I got her some flowers with her present and of course she had to get a picture with them. My picture taking craziness must have come from her.

All day Thanksgiving we all just hung around the house and enjoyed each other's company. (Well they enjoyed their ipads)

And some others enjoyed their naps. I have a picture of him like this for the past four years. Elevation sickness, what?

With my future hubby :)

I was so glad my sister got to come in. She lives in FL so it isn't always easy.

We all enjoyed helping out in the kitchen. Mainly so we could snack all day.

My fabulous family. Minus Brad, Allison and Carter

Here is what I had for Thanksgiving. I knew that I couldn't miss out on dressing and squash casserole. So I just made sure my portions were small and I added fruit to my plate this year.

After our bellies were stuffed we got into some comfy clothes and played Clue. I hadn't played that game in years.

Afterwards we all went to bed because we had to get up early to go Christmas tree shopping!!!

To be continued till tomorrow............

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