Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Part 3

We got to Bishopville Friday around dinner and just hung out around the house then later that night we played poker with his parents. I defiantly don't have the patience to play, after a while I just gave all the chips away.
Then next morning Mel & Alex came in and the girls went shopping while the guys played golf. We had a plenty of football to watch that night so had to make sure to get plenty of snacks.
Before all the games started all the family came over to congratulate us on the engagement and to hangout for a while. Mel is going to be very close to giving birth to sweet baby Ryder at Christmas so she wont be able to travel. So she went ahead and got her cousins presents early. They didn't mind :)

They LOVED the gifts!

Isn't she the sweetest.

All the ladies.

 The newest to the family. Sweet Piper.

Then it was time for the future parents to get some practice in. It won't be long!!!

After a little while everyone left and we got ready for the Auburn Vs. Alabama game. This is one game I wait around for all year. It was such a good game and if you didn't see it you need to go watch the last 5 seconds. AMAZING!

This Thanksgiving couldn't have been better. We got to see all of our loved ones and had a blast while doing it!!
I am looking forward to the many Holiday's to come with both of my families. Blessed

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