Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Part 2

Saturday morning was probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving....getting the Bowen Bunch Christmas tree. Now our tree isn't your average size. You might be a little shocked when you see it later.
Here are just some of the pictures I took.
I could look at this view for days.

I sure hope he can handle the amount of pictures I take.

After some pictures we hiked to the top of the mountain where all the "big trees" were. Let me tell ya I did not have the correct boots. I was slippin and slidin everywhere.

Sister and I thought we would chop down our own tree.

But brother found the perfect one. A whopping 16 feet.

While they chopped the tree down I figured it would be a great time for more photos.

This was not a light tree. I believe they got their workout in for the day.


Time to head down the mountain,

so we can get this baby home.

It must be a Bowen sister thing. We always take picture of our feet in the snow.

We had such a great time at my parents for the first part of Thanksgiving but
 then it was time to head to our other families house for the rest of  Thanksgiving!

 To be continued...................

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