Monday, February 17, 2014

My Week Without LittleBlueDress

Here is what you missed last week!!

It was the Fiancees birthday weekend so we headed out of town to visit friends.

My weekend welcome package.

We got to hang out with these two and believe me it is always a good time with them around.

Birthday boy!

We went to a nice seafood restaurant called Shruckers and let me tell you the food was to die for.

Ahi Tuna

The birthday boys whole bunch of everything. He was in heaven.

I had grilled tilapia with crab on top with a side of broccoli. So good!

We then of course had to finish dinner with singing and birthday candles.

During the week last week I was actually snowed in most of the time. Growing up in the mountains it used to get snow all the time but now that I live here not so much. So I was happy to lounge around in my pj's with Motor and work from home.

Last I got to babysit this sweet boy on Saturday so his parents could have a date night. I have to say my date night was much more fun.

He is beyond adorable.

I will now be back to my normal blogging, friends. I have missed you all.

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