Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healthy Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches & Workin it

When I woke up Sunday morning it was rainy and cold. So I knew it was a perfect day for cooking and Lifetime movies. I ran over to the grocery store and picked up the items I would need for my day of cooking. When I got home I slipped into my comfy's and the warmest sweatshirt I could find. I thencranked the heat up and of course turned the TV to Lifetime.
I started out with my lunches for work this week. I decided that I haven't had noodles less lasagna in a while and thought that it would be perfect for a rainy week.
Noodle less Lasagna Bake
What you will need
ground turkey
low sugar marinara
2 eggs
fat free cottage cheese
skim mozz cheese
Cook your ground turkey and then mix all your ingredients together in large bowl. Only use half the bag of skim mozz cheese. Then bake for about 45 mins on 375' (Check occasionally, all ovens are different) Once middle is fully cooked, top with the rest of your skim mozz cheese. Then cook until the cheese is melted.
I then cut into squares and put into different containers. Now I have lunch until Thursday :)

Next I made a Veggie Egg Bake.
What you will need
red pepper
skim mozz cheese
Mix everything together except the skim mozz cheese.
Let cook until egg is fully cooked in middle. Then top with mozz cheese.

I then packaged that up into separate container's for work.
Now I have breakfast for work until Thursday.

Next I wanted to share my work snacks. If you work in an office there are ALWAYS yummy yet horrible snacks floating around the office so I always make sure I keep snacks at my desk so I am not tempted to have the others. These are my favorite three snacks.
1. Special K Crackers. These are for days when I really just want to snack.
2. Almonds. These are for when I am really hungry.
3. ThinkThin protein bars. These are high in calories so I only have these if I know I am going to workout after work and I need something to hold me over till dinner.

Next I wanted to share my workout yesterday.
My mom over the weekend gave me a new pair of Saucony's and I kept forgetting to try them out. So yesterday I was pretty excited to see how they felt.

I started my workout on the stair stepper. Holy stair stepper. I haven't been on one in a while and wow it was tough.
20 mins
Fat burning level
Calories burnt - 300
Stairs climbed- 1,149

After I got some water and did a little bit of stretching, I headed over to the arm machines.
Each machine 10 reps 3 times

After that, I headed over to the mats to finish up with some planks
Front and both sides (50 secs).

I then headed home and was ready for a hot shower and some dinner.
My dinner was so random but good and low calorie.
I had miso soup and crab meat with cocktail sauce.

Tomorrow I will share another workout so make sure you check it out. I am ready for a good sweat after work :)

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