Friday, March 14, 2014

Ryder, Healthy Meals and Races

Nothing beats heading over to my future sister in laws house after work and getting my hands on this little feller.
Of course once I get there I have to do a little photo session.

He has finally got to the age where he has started to smile. It will just melt your heart.

At this point I think he was probably thinking, really Aunt Mel? How many pictures are you going to take?

So I moved to video :)

But after a while I think we wore him out. So sweet.
Next I want to share a few of my meals I have had the past couple of days.
First up my breakfast yesterday.
For me breakfast is my most important part of the day. What I have for breakfast decides how the rest of my meals and day will go.
Yesterday I had a 2 egg omelet with spinach (no cheese) and a large banana. This is such a filling breakfast and it's under 300 calories. With a breakfast like this I am set up for success the rest of the day.

Next up, my snacking.
Snacking can kill an entire day of healthy eating, well for me at least. I have gotten really good with packing snacks for work because let's face there are always yummy looking snacks in the office. I feel like it is someones birthday every day because there is always cake around. A snack that I really love packing is red peppers and hummus. It is crunchy, low fat/ calorie and well just plain delicious.

Next dinners.
Yesterday after work I headed over to a cookout. Now eating healthy at a cookout can be tricky because you don't prepare your own food. So I stopped by the grocery store before and grabbed a couple of things to add to my dinner to make sure I stayed on track. You know what I'm talking about, at cookouts there are always those yummy looking sides like mac and cheese, rolls, cookies, etc. So last night I ended up just cutting a small piece off of the fiances steak and then added some healthy sides to the plate.

Last but not least I wanted to share that it is RACE season for me. I am not a runner outside when it is cold. You will not find me running outside in the cold unless someone is chasing me. So now that it is warming up I am getting super excited to get back to races. My first race of the season is going to be April 26th. My goal is to at least run 1 5k or 10k a month and then at the end of the year run my 1st half marathon. So if you know of any good races let me know :) I also would love some running partners!!
HAPPY FRIDAY!! I have an exciting weekend ahead of me so make sure you check out Monday!!

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