Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Challenge Day 2 & Baked Taco Soup

Day 2
For breakfast I woke up starving so I was ready to get to work and have my usual egg and spinach omelet.
Then for lunch I headed across the street and had Salsaritas.
I created a bowl with black beans, pintos beans, grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, light cheese, grilled peppers and onions and salsa.
Around 3 it was snack time!! Yogurt and grapes.

After I got home from work I was in the mood to create a new recipe so I stopped by the grocery store and walked around till I made up my mind on what I wanted to make.

What you will need
ground turkey
black beans drained
pinto beans drained
Mexican corn drained
rotel tomatoes and green chili's drained
taco sauce
taco seasoning
non fat Greek yogurt

Start my lining your baking dish with the black beans and pinto beans.

Then cook your ground turkey and add in the taco seasoning.
Then top your beans with the seasoned ground turkey.

Then add your rotel tomatoes and green chilies,

then a layer of non fat greek yogurt.

Top the greek yogurt with the mexican corn,

then last the taco sauce.

Place in oven (375') and let cook for about 20 minutes.
Then take out and top with reduced fat mexican blended cheese.

Let cook until cheese is melted.

Once it is cooled. Enjoy and bowl of this healthy, low calorie, low carb Baked Taco Soup.
It heats up well for lunches.

Day 2 success!!

I also wanted to share this sweet picture. This was our very first picture we took 4 years ago and now we are 71 days away from getting married. 

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