Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where is my healthy living blog & My Bachelorette Weekend

So the past couple of months I will admit I have been some what of a crazy person. With all the showers, planning and going out of town every weekend. So during the week all I want to do is rest when I get home after work. Butttt I find that I am falling back into my bad ways. The finace and I are really going to focus on getting back in the gym and eating better so I am really excited to get back to where I was when I first started LittleBlueDress. So I will be sharing a new recipe and workout very soon so make sure you don't miss it!!

Now to this past weekend...... This was a very special weekend, my sister planned the most perfect bachelorette weekend ever. It started off Thursday evening, we all jumped in the car and headed South.  I was ready to say peace out to reality!!

But before we lefft.........let's take a selfie :) This was a joke the entire trip!!

We had to take two cars so we went old school and used walki talki's!!
For some reason it took forever to get there so I slept the whole way!

Once we got there my sister was already there with the house all decorated!! She defiantly knows her sister. All the decorations were right up my ally.


Since it was so late getting there we all headed to bed so we didn't waste the whole next day.
When we woke up we got ready and headed to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants ever.
Where of course I had to wear my bride sunglasses!
My sister and I :)
They sang to me and tried to embarrass me but come on if I am going to wear this hat and bride sunglasses mid day I probably don't get embarrassed very easily. I handed the cake off to the girls. Not really a fan.

My lunch was fabulous as usual I got a taco salad but didn't eat the shell. I mean I don't need to go crazy I do have a dress to fit into.

We had a blast and laughed till our belly's hurt and then headed back to the house.

We then decided it was time to head to the beach even though the weather was not very beach worthy. Nothing was going to stop us!

We all piled into one car and headed out in our awesome sunglasses.

Even though the sun wasn't out we had fun just chatting and taking " selfies" haha

When it started to get chilly we headed back to the house for some much needed naps.

That night we just hung out around the house and grilled.
The next day we headed downtown where they were having the Shrimp Festival.
There were so many vendors, we were in heaven.

We walked around checking out all the vendors and had some fabulous shrimp quesadillas and then headed back to the house once it started getting late to get ready for dinner and the night.
This might be my favorite picture of the weekend. No my sister is not this much shorter, she just has flats on.

We all headed out for a yummy dinner and to hangout at the Turtle Bar. They always have a large crowd and great music!!
I have to say we were a pretty popular crowd!!

The next day we packed up and cleaned up and headed north!!
It was sad but I was ready to catch up on some sleep.
My sister out did herself and this was probably the best weekend I have ever had. I will forever have the best "First Best Friend"

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