Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cheers to Taylor!!

Last night after work I headed to one of my lovely friends Graduation parties. (she is one of my bridesmaids) I was pretty excited because it was at Davanis and I had never been there but heard great things about it.
When we walked in there were flowers and balloons everywhere.

How awesome is this cake!!
And of course you have to have champagne to make the toast......

and boy did they have champagne.
Taylor's mom & sis, can't you tell?

After we all said our hellos and gave out our hugs it was time to make the toast.


We then all stood around and caught up with each other.......

She has been in hiding for a little while. But now she is freeeeeee. (well after Saturday)

We then all sat down for dinner and boy I was glad we did, I was starving.

This of course was not my soup but I had to take a picture of it.

This was my meal, it was SO amazingly good! I had smoked trout with a side salad. (no dressing)

After our bellies were full it was CAKE time. The cake was almost to cute to cut.

But it had to be done :)

The night was so wonderful with everyone together. Congrats Taylor I know how hard you worked and how happy your are now that its over. Love you girl!!

M1: morning smoothie: strawberries, blueberries, flax seed, almond milk, spinach, protein
M2: almonds and apple
M3: shrimp salad with siracha hot sauce and kale salad from earth fare
M4: green juice: kale, lemon, apple and ginger
M5: Will add

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