Thursday, May 15, 2014

Crazy About Kale

Yesterday day was a very kale day. When I first started LittleBlueDress I had never even heard about or tried kale. Let's just say a big green leafy veggie was not my first choice of food. But once I actually started trying all of these green leafy veggies I learned that they can be really tasty.
For example my lunch yesterday I went to Earth Fare and picked up their kale sesame seed salad. I really wasn't sure if I would like it but oh my goodness it was so tasty. I love the texture of kale and with the added sesame seeds it was perfect.
I also decided to try out one of their juices. They had so many to pick from but I finally went with All Natural Kale Lemonade. This was a bitter/sweet/sour juice.  (made of kale, apple, ginger and lemon)
It was a drink that I could sip on the whole afternoon and kept me from munching on office snacks. Which thank goodness I had something because Coldstone Creamery came and handed out ice cream. I just kept having to say to myself you are getting married in 30 days, you are getting married in 30 days, your mommas dress is so small , your mommas dress is so small :):) It worked!!
My neck has been bothering me again so this week I have been a little scared to workout but hopefully it will get to feeling better and I can get back.
Check out tomorrow for some more yummy, healthy meals....and MAYBE a new recipe!!
M1: 2 eggs with spinach
M2: strawberries
M3: grilled chicken salad with almonds and vinigerette dressing
M4: grapes
M5: will add tomorrow


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