Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's All About the Wraps

Today I wanted to share a couple of my lunches. Now I really try to have a very limited amount of carbs but some days I really want a quick filling lunch.  The best way to get that...WRAPS
The first one is what I had for lunch yesterday and oh my it was delish.
Grilled Chicken, Red Pepper & Hummus Wrap
Ingredients & Calories
Wheat wrap - 90 cals
Grilled Chicken - 184 cals
Lettuce and red peppers- 15cals
2 tbsp hummus- 50 cals (ending up dipping some of my veggies in the leftovers)
Total- 339

Today I am having almost the same thing as yesterday but with a little twist.
Ham, Cheese, Veggie & Mustard Wrap

Ingredients and Calories
Wheat Wrap -90 cals
3 slices of thin deli ham- 102 cals
reduced fat colby cheese- 50 cals
lettuce and red peppers -15 cals
2 tbsp of mustard- 6 cals
Total- 263 cals

I will be sharing another meal that is healthy but not TOO healthy the hubster won't eat tomorrow. 

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