Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yummy Fruit & Under 200 Calorie Pasta

Today I wanted to start with these pretty babies. I absolutely love fresh fruit. I personally can't think of anything better to eat on a hot summer day. I mean look at these don't they look delish. Not only do they have great health benefits but also all of these are only 21 calories.
Next I want to share my dinner. This is probably my favorite thing to cook because the hubster thinks it isn't healthy but in reality it is extremely healthy.
But first I will start with my salad. I like my salads pretty plain. I am not a fan of carrots, cucumbers or tomatoes. So I normally just stick with romaine lettuce, red peppers and a tbsp of parm cheese. I then use my favorite yogurt salad dressing. All together this whole salad was just 88 calories.

Now to the main thing in today's post. I am going to share my secret recipe for a under 200 calorie pasta. Yeap I said is under 200 calories.
What you will need:
Unsweetened almond milk
turkey sausage
green, yellow, orange pepper
Campbell's cheddar cheese soup
crushed red pepper (optional, we love our food spicy)
First cook your turkey sausage and veggies. Then add in your soup and almond milk. I don't really measure it. You can make it as thick as you want, I personally don't like it thick.
I then let cook for about 15 mins. During that time I cooked the hubster some noodles and prepared my spaghetti squash.
Once it was ready, I prepared our plates.
Now you might ask how this is under 200 calories.
Here it is:
Spaghetti squash: 2 cups - 64 cals
Turkey sausage - 70 cals
Veggies- 15 calories
Almond milk- 30 calories
There you go.
It is so yummy!!!

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