Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Next Splurge & Quick Eats

If you know my my dad and brother you know they love their bicycle riding. It can be in the mountains, beaches, swamps, basically anywhere a bike can go they will do it. Well I am a different story, I like flat land with maybe just a few little hills. You can still get a great workout even if you don't bike up a huge mountain. So I have decided that now that I have started back to my healthy lifestyle (gave myself a few weeks after the wedding to splurge) I am going to set a goal weight (where I was a few months ago) and once I get there I am going to buy this cute little thang. This will be perfect for my leisure bike rides that I love so much.
Now to my meals for today. I am still feeling under the weather so yesterday I really didn't feel like packing a lunch so I figured I would just pick something up in the cafeteria at work. Eating healthy in a cafeteria isn't always easy. The breakfast bar is always so very tempting with the casseroles, sausage and biscuits but I decided to go with a 2 egg omelet with spinach and a small amount of cheddar cheese on top with hot sauce on the side.

Now for lunch it is really not that easy to eat low carb/cal in the cafeteria. So yesterday when I was at target with the hubs I decided I would try this black bean soup out.

So I got a piece of grilled chicken from the cafe and

then mixed it in with the soup.
HOLY SOUP. This was amazing and it only has 240 calories. (without chicken) They have so many different types so I can't wait to try out more. I will make sure to let you know my favorites.


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