Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Chefs & A Talented Friend

Today I had lunch at my favorite place in Greenville, Two Chefs. All the food there is so fresh, delicious and some of it is healthy.
When you walk in it is normally crazy busy but I had to go early today because I had a busy work day ahead of me.
When you walk up to order they have all of their fresh pasta salads, pimento cheeses, chicken salads, kale salads, etc. My mouth literally just waters when I look at everything.
(These pictures aren't the best, I was taking them quick so everyone didn't think I was a weirdo)

They also have another refrigerator that has prepared food that you can get to go for dinner that night. (pretty awesome if you ask me) I should do this every day and make Shaun think I am actually cooking it.

 For lunch I had the grilled chicken salad. When I tell you this is my favorite salad in the world I mean it. It is pretty simple just lettuce, cheese, almonds, chicken and their homemade light dressing.

I don't know what they do to make it so good but it is defiantly worth every penny!! 

Now to my talented friend, Taylor. Her and her husband have been good friends with Shaun and I for a while now and they were both in our wedding. But right after the wedding they literally moved to a different state because her husband got a new job. So now we have a new place to visit, often!! Anyways she was in town this week packing up their house and met me for lunch and had this special present for me. She actually painted this. Make sure you notice to the left there is a picture of Shaun and I on our wedding day.

I just love things like this, they mean more to me then any store bought present. I truly have been blessed with some amazing friends.
Oh I told her she should sell these....don't you agree?


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