Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boston Part 1

This past week I packed my bags and headed North to Boston. I had a conference for work which I had been waiting for weeks to attend because I had never been to Boston.
So I boarded my flight and headed that way. I was so very thankful when our flight landed in DC and I could get off this tiny plane. They are not my favorite!

When we landed in Boston I headed to my hotel.
I have never really been to a city like this. I first took a bus to a stop and then walked the rest of the way. Next time I will know to pack lighter.
Finally I reached my hotel and got checked in and relaxed for a few then it was time to explore.
A few of us headed out on foot and were ready to see as much of Boston as possible.
The first place we reached was The World Trade Center of Boston.

We looked around and then moved on.
I was surprised how clean and beautiful this city was. I automatically fell in love.  

As we walked we passed by many landmarks. For example this building here is the first building made of steel in Boston. 
Now this is probably my favorite view that I saw. I was told this is the place you want to live
 but you have to have a pretty thick wallet to do so. One can dream right? Moving on.
Even just the regular buildings were beautiful.

Now the roads are a different story. I would not have a car if I lived in Boston because they are nearly impossible to understand.

I was obsessed with all of the clock buildings. For some reason I love clocks, big, small, square, circle etc.

We started getting hungry so we headed toward the fresh aroma of basically any food you could think of.

And I mean any food. They have a market that you can choose what you like and then sit around wherever and enjoy. But we decided we wanted to eat at a sit down restaurant.

So we headed to a yummy looking place on the water where I had local salmon and sweet potato fries. Both were delicious.  
Our view from the restaurant was break taking. My dad would be in heaven, he is such a boat man.

After dinner we decided to walk some more to try and see more of the city before it got too late and also to work off our dinner.


The city is absolutely beautiful at night!

And  I still can't get over all of the amazing architecture.

After a while I of course wanted something sweet. This family owned café was so quant and had delicious looking sweets.

They didn't have any yogurt or low fat ice cream so I decided for just one scoop of cookies and cream. I knew I would be working it off so no worries.

After we finished our ice cream we decided to head back to the hotel. But not before stopping in the park and seeing this beautiful fountain and

the State House.

Make sure you check out tomorrow's post, I will give you a hint... you will get to see a video of a whale.


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