Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our Minimoon

What better way to start our minimoon than a yummy breakfast at the Wafffle House. Now get ready I will warn you there are a ton of pictures in this post but I wanted to document ever second.
After breakfast and a few errands we finally got on the road and headed South. I kicked up my legs and relaxed while the hubby jammed out to music and drove.

It takes about 5 hours to get to my families beach house so I of course packed some snacks.
I have had the quinoa chips before but never the bbq flavor. They are my new favorite. You can have around 30 chips for 130 calories.

Finally after listening to some of our favorite songs, singing at the top of our lungs, stopping for ice cream at diary queen, trying to nap, singing some more, stopping again, we finally saw our sign!!

Once we got to the house we got ready and headed out the door for dinner.
(Our selfies always make me laugh)

We headed to Sliders and I loved that they used mason jars for their glasses. That is basically all we have a home.

The next day we woke up to pretty much a perfect day. I could walk out on this front
every morning.

The husband and I are perfect for each other, know how I know this? As soon as we wake up all we want is a good breakfast.
We had just that at Miss Carolynns.
The husband was so happy with his breakfast. It consisted of a crab omelet. Seafood for breakfast? He is a happy camper!
I had a ham and veggie omelet with a side of jelly wheat toast. Honestly this omelet is on my top 5 list and I eat lots of omelets.

After breakfast we headed down to the farmers market and looked around for a little while.

My favorite booths were the ones with local fruits and veggies.

The lemonade stand always look refreshing though because believe me it is hot out there.

After we poured sweat at the farmers market all we wanted to do it head to the beach.
Once I got there I of course had to get something delicious and chilly.

After our noses started turning red and we found ourselves exhausted we decided to pack up and head back to the house for a nap. Aren't naps at the beach the best!!!
Look at my stud! 

After our nap we were both craving something sweet so we headed downtown to the ice cream parlor.
As soon as you walk in, it is like sugar kicks you in the face. It is heavenly.

All of the fudges were so tempting.

And I wont even start with the rock candy. That was my favorite as a kid.

After my husband got his ice cream we headed down to the yogurt shop. This is my favorite place ever.
We then decided it was perfect weather for some mini golf.

We couldn't believe we had never played mini golf together. This is definitely something we will be doing more often.

He says he won but I disagree. I am pretty awesome at mini golf but I am pretty sure I am biased.

After playing we worked up quite an appetite. So we went across the street to a Japanese Steakhouse.
We were pretty gross from playing mini golf because the heat was no joke but we were too hungry to care.

I love these places. Not only are they delicious but you get a show with your meal.

But the best part of course is digging in when you get everything. This also means you probably will be having leftovers around midnight and breakfast the next morning.

Once our bellies were stuffed we headed back to the house and ended the night with a game of twister and a movie.

The next day we ended our minimoon with this meal!!

I am not big on burgers and fries but what I had was just plain amazing.
For my burger I had a teriyaki turkey burger 

and of course I had to have some sweet potato fries.

Every second of this minimoon is exactly what we needed. Relaxation with just each other and of course some good food and sun.
Trips must come to an end though,
but I am always happy to head home with the love of my life.

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