Thursday, August 21, 2014

This Post Will Make You Drool!

When I think back on my childhood and some of my favorite memories it would have to be Little Caesars  night. My mom would pick up a couple of pizzas and we just loved it. I am pretty sure as soon as we finished eating we rushed to the living room to watch Funniest Home Videos. This normally turned into a wrestling match.I mean really pizza, funny videos, and trying to pen your dad? Perfect night!(Maybe my brothers will be able to pen him one day)
But as you get older you learn you can't just sit around and eat Little Ceasers Pizza all the time. I mean sure it's okay every once in a while but the way I like pizza....cant do it. SOOOO I found a way to have my cake and eat it too?
Now I am going to introduce you to...
Your Pie 
It has been the answers to all my pizza prayers.
When you walk in it is kind of like a Moe's but for pizza!! What...yes it's a pizza bar. You can build your own pizza. When you walk up you have your choice white, wheat or gluten free. I always choose wheat because well it has less calories.

Now back to your yummy pizza....After you choose your crust you get to choose all of your toppings. I never really knew how many they had until I took a girlfriend from work last week and she asked how everything worked. The owner said they had like over 43 toppings...yes 43 toppings. That is just crazy, anything you could think of putting on a pizza they had. (Although I didn't see sardines, thank goodness) 

Now enough about their food... just for a second.
Everywhere you look they have TV's on the sports channel. My luck when we were there they had  a special on the AUBURN Tigers. WAAR EAGLEEEEE!!!!!!!
That is where my parents met and obviously fell madly in love (gross) so I guess I have it in my blood. Anyways, sorry I got distracted but I do love me some Auburn Tigers.  (So ready for football season...Alabama WATCH out).. Moving on,

All the different flavors look pretty amazing right? Well I can tell you I have tried most of them (not at the same time) and they are all heavenly.   
Now let's go back to the pizza.
This pizza is not like anything you have ever had.
For me I had never been to a pizza place where they have healthy options.
This was my amazingling awesome pizza.
Wheat crust
light marinara sauce
low fat mozzarella cheese
sun dried tomatoes
grilled chicken
low fat mozzarella cheese
light parm cheese
red crushed pepper

I know you are drowling now!!

Now that I have typed up this post I believe I will head over to Your Pie for lunch today!


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