Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Belly Shrinkin Taco Tuesday

Every time I decide that I am going to cook I always ask the bf to join me. (or else I would be eating the same thing for two weeks) Which this also gives me the opportunity to share a healthy way of eating and then a not so healthy way of eating. Now some of these meals I am not cooking are not to show how awesome my cooking skills are (insert me laughing), most are to show you the healthy way to eating the same things you ate before but not pack on the pounds.
I decided yesterday around lunch that I was craving tacos so I decided to start having
"Belly Shrinkin Taco Tuesday"
Start by cooking your meat ( I used lean sirloin ground beef, it is much healthier than just regular ground beef. Now if I was eating alone I would use ground turkey or ground chicken)
While that is cooking go ahead and cut up whatever veggies you would like in your taco or taco salad. I always choose the basic onion, green peppers and

romaine lettuce. ( I always choose romaine lettuce because it has more nutritional value than iceberg)

I then made a side of mexi rice for the bf. ( if you are eating the healthy plate, this isn't for you, sorry)

Stir both the rice and beef occasionally.

Once the meat is cooked and you have drained all  grease, add all you seasonings to your beef.

I then saute my veggies. (but only use a little veggie oil)

Once those are compete you are ready to eat.
 "Belly Shrinking Taco Salad"
Romaine lettuce
Lean sirloin ground beef
Sauteed onion and peppers
Mexi cheese (light) 
Mild sauce

Items you want to say away from
Flour tortillas
Mexi rice

Day 59:
Breakfast: non fat yogurt
Snack: 2 tablespoons of peanut butter
Lunch: Belly shrinking taco salad
Snack: beef jerky (I could live on this stuff, great snack with good protein and low carb)and pistacios

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