Thursday, March 21, 2013

Retail Therapy

I don't have any yummy recipes for you because I took a little break from cooking last night and decided it was a beautiful day to do a little shopping.
Look at my beautiful finds.
Now this is the most important item that I found. I broke down and finally bought me some diamond studs. They are so classic and basically go with everything. From your elegant dinners to your backyard cookouts. I will be honest I didn't want to take these bad boys off when it was time for bed.


I then bought a simple lace dress, mainly for this weekend because I have yet another shower (whew ). I also found this beautifully bright sheer shirt that I automatically fell in love with, that I just had to have.

The reason I wanted to share this today, is because everyone should treat themselves every once in a while. I find that it recharges my batteries and makes me feel better. Check out tomorrow and I will share my way of
"Frugal Pampering"
Day 53:
Breakfast: non fat yogurt
Snack: green grapes
Lunch: turkey burger & leftover chili
Snack: mixed cajun nuts
Dinner:  spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and parm cheese


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