Monday, March 18, 2013

4 Cities, 2 States, 1 Weekend

Wwwhew what a weekend.
After work on Friday I met my mom and her church for a woman's conference in Greenville called the Extrodinary Women's Conference 2013. Some of the performance's and speakers that I got to see were Angela Thomas, Karen Kingsbury (an author), Tim Hokinns(comedian), Margaret Feingerg, Third Day, and a choir of children from all over the world.
They were so sweet and cute

After the conference on Saturday it was time to head to Waynesville, NC my hometown, for my brother's fiancees shower.
This is what I came home to. I guess the saying is true,
Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.
Love my dad:)

I decided not to climb a tree, instead sit back and take in the smell and beautiful view.

Oh how I love being home for at least the night.

Marble my mom's dog (and mine, we have joint custody)just realized I am home and the excitement is killing her.
YAYYYYYY my second mommy is finally home,
please never leave me again
After I relaxed for a few seconds it was time for mom and I to head to the shower.
This really made the wedding fill real.

Her sister did all the decorations and words cannot express how beautiful everything was.


The Bride to be, my mom and I.

The view from the shower was breathtaking, makes me miss home even more.

You can't have a shower without silly games!

After the shower it was time to head back home and get some beauty sleep because we had to be up bright and early the next morning. (5:30 am to be exact)
The next morning I rose from my warm, cozy bed and ran to the car still in my pj's because we were driving to Winston Salem for my nephews baby dedication. Now I wasn't very happy with waking up so early but I would do it a million times to see my sweet nephews face.

After 3 hours of driving (well me sleeping) and getting ready in the car, we arrived at the church, where I finally got to have some Auntie and Carter time.

Of course we had to have some family photos.

They said if there was a kidnapping of Carter,they would know you took him :)
This is one proud papa!

After our photo shoot :) it was time for the dedication of sweet
Carter Edward Bowen.

After church we headed back to my brother and his wife's home to have lunch and of course love on Carter. We were passing him around like he was a football.

This picture is priceless. I don't think he is used to cameras yet, especially me taking one every second. I am sure he will get used to it :)

I bought this shirt for Carter, basically perfect

He wasn't too thrilled with it :)

Sweet Grandma

Honestly I think he likes his Auntie the most because

he couldn't stop giving me kisses


 Hopefully they have one shortly after they are married. This would make me a very happy Auntie, the more the merrier.

I was a little bit of a Carter hog as you can see but

I think we all officially wore him out.

So it was time for me to head back to Spartanburg, South Carolina because I had a grill out to make it to at 6.
It was defiantly a long, yet full of love and laughter weekend. I ended up being in four cities (Spartanburg, Greenville, Waynesville, and Winston Salem) 2 States (South and North Carolina) in 1 weekend. Even though it felt like I was on the go the entire weekend. I wouldn't have changed a second of it.
Throughout the weekend there was plenty of yummy food but I stuck to my healthy eating habits.
Day 48:
Breakfast: yogurt, fruit and an egg and cheese omelet
Lunch: Salsarita's grilled chicken bowl (no rice or creamy sauces)
Dinner: Food from the shower (cheeses, veggies, grilled chicken, fruit)
Day 49:
I decided to have a cheat day :) It was well deserved ( I didn't go crazy though)
Day 50:
Breakfast: eggs and cheese
Lunch: grilled chicken salad
Snack: tomato soup and some almonds
Dinner: skinny me chili
25days less than a month, time to get real serrrrious :)

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