Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Roe Wedding

aka: the reason for the LittleBlueDressChallenge
On Friday evening we all met at Duncan Estates for the rehearsal so we could make sure no one broke their necks because we had to walk down stairs for the aisle. So we ran through it a couple of times and then we were off to the now husbands parents house for the rehearsal dinner where we had low country boil.
The decorations were just magical,

now all the boys were a different story. haha

After as many laughs as our stomachs could handle it was time to head home and get some sleep for the big day.
All the bridesmaids came over to the now brides house that morning to get our hair done and try to keep the bride calm.

So we let her take some control and run to the venue to make sure everything was perfect.

But then it was her time, she needed to get ready.

I caught this sweet picture, this is both mother's helping each other get ready.

After words of wisdom from the brides mother and some happy tears,

we all headed out to begin the pictures. (I of course had to call the groom to tell them to wait because we were running late)

The beautiful flower girl


While we were waiting we made up a best friend forever secret hand shake...the little girl and I :)

After a ton of pictures it was wedding time. Now I didn't get any during the wedding because well I was in it. ( I'll make sure to find some)
After the most beautiful wedding ever it was time for the reception and boy was this a blast.
After introducing the fabulous couple, we had dinner, speeches, the cake cutting and then it was time to get our dancin on and we did, I am still sore.

This is the bf's aunt and uncle.
The speeches from the best men , maid  and matron of honor.
Me with the Maid of Honor. (so sad it was so dark)
The cake cutting,

then the Mother of the Bride's speech and let me just tell you there wasn't a dry eye in the house. (well under the tent)

After we wiped all our tears it was time to dance.
They were my dancing buddies all night.


After they tossed the bouquet and the garter, we just had a blast.

But it got late and we all were exhausted.
This is where everyone found use by the end of the night. Playing in the rocks resting out feet.

It was a beautiful wedding and such a great time.
I was so proud of how far I came with my challenge and can't wait to continue till I reach my ultimate goal.
Day 75:
Breakfast: nonfat yogurt
Snack: skim mozzarella cheese stick
Lunch: mexican chicken salad (check out tomorrow for step by step recipe) ,strawberries and edamame.
Snack: pistachios and 4 pickles (the cut ones)
Dinner: 1 boiled egg, green beans, 1/2 cup mexican chicken salad and a few bites of chili ( I know weird combination for dinner but I didn't feel like getting out and getting something)
16 days no diet mountain dew
45days till next wedding

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