Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Family Weekend


I wanted to share this past weekend with everyone because it was just plain fabulous. I went home to support my dad and brother because they were in a  100 mile bike race across the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Friday night we went to my brother and his wife's house for dinner so they could prepare themselves for Saturday. They had huge plates of spaghetti but I just stuck with a large salad. Afterwards I gave them their good luck cake and cards.

My sweet momma!
Afterwards we headed to my parents house so that my dad could get everything ready for the big day.

5:30 am came early but they couldn't get started without their cheerleaders.


Last minute prepartation.

Nothing beats home in the morning. The views are breathtaking.

The newly weds still can't keep their hands off each other.

It was finally time to give them both their good luck hugs so they could head to the starting line.
It was crazy how many bikers there were. Then and there my brother's wife and I decided we are doing the 25 mile race next year.

No turning back now!!

Olympic Silver Medalist, Lauren Tamayo.

Allllmost timmmmeee.....

After they headed out for their very long journey, mom and I decided to get a little exercise ourselves.

Growing up the best place to run was around the lake. It has a trail around the entire thing with a beautiful view to distract you.

(Week 11 Workout 4)
Afterwards we sat and relaxed and had some mother daughter time.
A woman came up to us and asked if we were related because we looked so much alike. I of course said she was my mom. She said that we had to get a picture of this because it was just too perfect.

After seeing both pictures, I couldn't agree more.

Later that afternoon we decided to go up to the Blue Ridge to check on how the guys were doing. We finally found them going up this huge hill/mountain.(I don't know how they do it)

They took a quick break and of course I had to snap a few pictures. (This is at mile 83)

This is also what I did while cheering them on. I love wild flowers.

And of course you can't have a race without a sign. I brought out my old school cheerleader poster making abilities. (and I mean old school ha)
After we sent them on their way for the rest of the 100 miles. Mom and I needed something to wake us up. It had been a very long day (It is tiring watching people ride 100 miles up a mountain ha) We also went to a bunch of local produce stands and I got some tasty treats.

I have a pumpkin obsession <3
After many hours we finally saw them cross the finish line (okay I'm not telling the truth we missed them going across the finish line because we got distracted at the produce stands but we only missed them by a minute)


My dad was too tired to drive home so I brought out the mountain girl in me and took control of the situation. This thing sure is bigger then my little car:)

I just love home. It truly reminds me how blessed I truly am!
Week 12 Workout 1
2.50 miles on the treadmill
arm weight machines
10 time 3 incline sit ups
10 time 3 reverse sit ups
20 minutes on the bike
Day 189:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with sugar free syrup
Snack: a very large fresh peach that I bought from the produce stands this past weekend
Lunch: Southwestern meatloaf (recipe tomorrow)
Snack: protein bar and edamame
Dinner: spaghetti squash with ground turkey and organic low sugar marinara sauce
138 days no diet mountain dew-97 days no soda
10 days till vaca
25 days till 1st 5k

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