Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Elise The Boutique Non-Slip Headbands Giveaway CLOSED

I am super excited to be doing my first Giveaway. I have wanted to do one for a while but wasn't really sure what I should do until the owner of Elise The Boutique in Asheville, NC reached out to me with a great idea.
I am sure everyone has seen the non- slip headbands and I am sure many of you have them. I have a few and they are amazing. The only thing is sometimes they can be on the expensive side. So I was really excited when I learned about the Non-Slip Headband's at Elise The Boutique. Aren't they adorable and the great thing is they won't empty your wallet.
(I have already picked out like 5 of these that I will be getting)
These are great for working out or everyday wear.
So here is how it going to go. On Friday I will be picking two lucky winners and they will get to pick out their own Non-Slip Headband (color and pattern) and it will be shipped to them for free.
The way I am going to pick the winners:
1. Tell me a way you have changed your lifestyle for the better.
2. Tell me a way you would like to change your lifestyle for the better.
On Friday I will read through all the comments and decide one winner and then I will get the owner of Elise The Boutique to pick who she thinks should win as well. I will let everyone know the winners on Friday morning.
Now everyone is actually going to get something out of this post today. The owner has decided to give me a discount code for all of my readers for the Non-Slip Headbands. They normally cost $8 but with this code they will only $6. Such a great deal!
Just go to their site and get ready to see some amazing stuff!!
Discount Code for Non-Slip Headbands:
Can't wait to read the comments and learn how people have changed or would like to change their lifestyle!!


  1. hello, My name is anna shea moore. I have changed my lifestyle for the better by eating more healthy foods and drinking more water. I do not smoke and I want to have a long healthy life with my new fiance. I want to also get more involved in church with my fiance so we can have a more fulfilling wonderful life together.

  2. Throughout the past few years, I have completely changed my lifestyle by embracing a life full of health, fitness and happiness. I've learned to eat the right foods for me body, the foods that FUEL me and give me energy. I've learned that I can push myself to the limits and get in amazing workouts 6x a week (love my 5am workouts) :) I've learned to love myself, my body and my life. Yes, I lost 40 pounds... but i've gained so much more respect, experience and knowledge about who am I and what I can do! Although I stopped my weightloss early 2012, I have finally transitioned to finding my own healthy lifestyle that I am confident living everyday for the rest of my life. I eat right, I'm active, I love my body, I love good food, and I love where I am at in my life. I feel so thankful to have found my health... and i'm never letting it go! XOXO