Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mexican Fiesta, Yummy Japanese and the Conquering of 3.1 Miles

Last night I was craving some yummy Mexican food but I didn't want to go out to eat because then you have to deal with all the oil and sugar added to your food. That is one of the reasons I love cooking at home, you know exactly what you are eating. Now don't get me wrong I am not a crazy calorie counter but I am very aware of the foods nutrition that I am eating. So last night I got my Mexican Fiesta started and this is how it ended. Looks pretty yummy right?

100% Sirloin ground beef with taco seasoning, romaine lettuce, grilled peppers and onions, fat free refried beans, salsa and reduced fat cheese
I also wanted to share a new recipe that I tried out this past Sunday. I love going to Japanese Steakhouses but it is pretty hard to turn down fried rice and the shrimp sauce so I just try to stay away. So on Sunday I created my own Yummy Japanese.
What you will need
Ground chicken
1 zucchini
1/2 large white onion
Veggie quinoa
Teriyaki sauce
Low sodium soy sauce (no pictured)

Stat by cooking your ground turkey and quinoa separately.
While that is cooking chop up your veggies.
Once everything is cooked mix all together in large pan.
Add your teriyaki sauce and soy sauce (don't get crazy with the sauce)

Let cook until the veggies are tender.
Then enjoy!!

Nowwww to the workout this morning.
After my dad surprised my mom and I about running a 5k this weekend I knew I needed to kick up my training a few notches. I had already reached 2.75 miles and wasn't supposed to move up to 3.10 until Tuesday. But I decided that I was going to try it this morning. So I walked up to that treadmill and was ready to conquer. I set it on the 5k setting and got started. Halfway through I noticed that it was changing incline. I thought to myself how am I going to finish this with it making me go up hills. But I pushed through and made it. OHHH the feeling I had!! Me being a non runner before my training I am pretty happy with myself. All of my hard work is paying off, who knows maybe one day I will run a half marathon. But let me make it through my first 5k first ha!
Week 13 Workout 2
After my run I knew I need to do some major stretching. So yesterday I printed out 6 Stretches for a Lean, Limber Body from Fitness Magazine. (I will share step by step tomorrow). I was in heaven while doing these stretches, it felt amazing.
Now I am going by my advise yesterday and taking a day off tomorrow to get prepared for Saturday. Not gonna lie, pretty excited about sleeping the extra hour.
Day 196:
Post workout: almond milk and pumpkin pecan butter with ice
Breakfast: 3 small eggs with sugar free syrup
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch:  small portion Teriyaki chicken, zucchini and onions with quinoa
Snack: small portion of leftover Mexican
Dinner: Side salad with bbq chicken, spag. squash with marinara (tried 3 tympura green beans)
145 days no diet mountain dew-104 days no soda
3 days till 1st 5k 18 days till 2nd 5k

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