Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Surprise You're Running a 5k on Vaca

My vacation is getting closer and closer and I am just ready to put my feet in the sand and not have a care in the world.
 Although I found out some very interesting news last night. My mom called me saying that my dad had signed myself and her up for a 5k. Now for those of you that do not know my dad he can be somewhat of a prankster. So I had to call him myself to find out if it was true. Welllll it is true. He said since my brother and him had some bonding time during their bike race we needed to have some bonding time too. I laughed and actually got excited. My "1st" 5k was supposed to be September 14th so this will be good practice. So this Saturday my mother and I will be running the
Amelia Island Turtle Trot 2013.

How to prepare yourself the week before your 

1. Get your z's two nights before.
Pre-race jitters tend to strike the night before the race, interrupting your sleep. When it comes to running for beginners or even experienced racers, trust that this is normal and will not influence your race. Prepare yourself instead by getting quality sleep two nights before the race and taking that day completely off from any activity.

2. Keep it light.

During race week, your running mileage should decrease. At this point, your training is really about "storing up" rest so your legs are ready on race day. During the week, include two to three short runs with a few, small pick ups-short, snappy segments that get your legs moving faster and prepare you for the faster tempo of the race-to keep your legs fresh. Two days out from the race, take a day off for total rest. The day before the race, do a short (20-minute) run with up to five pick ups under 45 seconds to sharpen your legs.

3. Fill the tank.

On race morning, be sure to eat the breakfast you've practiced in training. Aim to eat about 2 hours prior to the race. Keep it simple-a bowl of oatmeal with dried fruit, a sports bar, bagel with peanut butter. Eat something high energy and easily digestible. Be sure to include hydration-water, sports drink if it's warm outside to give you the electrolytes you need, and coffee if that's part of your normal routine.

4. Get there early.

There's a lot to be done on race morning including parking, packet pick-up, waiting in line for the restroom, warming up. Arrive at the race site 60 minutes prior to the start-knowing where you can park, what time packet pick-up closes (if you couldn't do it the day before) and where to go for the starting line.

5. Warm it up.

About 25 minutes prior to the race, get warmed up. Start with a 10 minute easy jog, then slowly build your pace for 5 minutes. Then, include up to five short pick ups under 30 seconds at race pace. Gently stretch any tight muscles after your warm up.

6. Get in line.

The starting line can be crowded and nerve-wracking with so many people and different paces. Starting in the middle to back of the pack is safe for most beginners. You will start with those around your pace and you will have many more ahead of you to chase down.
So I better start preparing myself!!
Now to my morning workout!
Week 13 Workout 1
2.75 miles-treadmill
arm weight machines
50 crunches
45 sec. side plank
50 bicycle crunches
45 sec. side plank
15 reverse sit ups
1 min. plank
15 reverse sit ups
1 minute wall sit
10 leg lifts
Day 195:
Post workout smoothie: pumpkin, pecan butter with almond milk and ice
Breakfast: 2 eggs with sugar free syrup
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: small portion Teriyaki chicken, zucchini and onions with quinoa (recipe tomorrow), small side salad with low fat yogurt dressing and 100 calorie pack air poped popcorn
Snack: black beans, lettuce, salsa and cheese
Dinner:100% Sirloin ground beef with taco seasoning, romaine lettuce, grilled peppers and onions, fat free refried beans, salsa and reduced fat cheese
144 days no diet mountain dew-103 days no soda
3 days till vaca
5 days till 1st 5k -19 days till 2nd 5k
I want to set a new goal for myself that will really challenege me. Any ideas?


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