Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amelia Island Part 3

After our day of non stop working out the next day we took a little break. I started it out with a yummy breakfast.
2 pieces of turkey bacon, greek yogurt, black coffee and of course some water.
We then headed out to the beach to do a little relaxing. But my family being the active family we are, we decided to take a 2 mile walk along the water.

my goofy daddy :)

When we got back I made a large, delicious salad for lunch.
Spinach, tuna salad (will share recipe soon), almonds, some turkey bacon crumbles and half a piece of munster cheese.

That night was the big night!!
Both my parents went to Auburn and that is actually where they met. So you can probably guess I was raised a War Eagle Gal!
My mom and I decided to cook dinner before the game. (I have to say it was just as good as what we would get at a restaurant but I might be a little biased)

Started out with tilapia (that is extra virgin olive oil not grease)

Fresh sauteed veggies
squash, zucchini, onion and green peppers
Cajun shrimp

Then of course my new obsession sweet potato fries.

I'd say it turned out pretty good, wouldn't you?

I then made some skinny pumpkin muffins for dessert.
You know I had to make them Auburn colors for the BIG game!!
They must be good luck because we WON!
I guess I will have to make these every time they play. (great excuse right, I love pumpkin)

The next day we went to church (AWESOME CHURCH, I loved it) The preacher and his wife were so welcoming and were so laid back.
Afterwards we went home and took and nap and relaxed and I started packing. (insert sad face) Even though I wasn't leaving till the next day I always like to pack the day before so I make sure I don't leave anything behind.
That night we walked downtown to do some shopping I needed to pick up a few gifts.
You know my mom and I had to get a picture with the pirate.

My dad then met up with us for dinner.
This is what I had, get ready to start drooling. This is the only time I really splurged. I mean look at it wouldn't you.
Blackened Maui Maui with veggies and Caribbean salsa with a nice big crab cake on top.
It all melted in my mouth.

After my belly was completely stuffed we walked home and I asked the parentals if we could please take a bike ride to work off some of that delicious food I just had. So we went on a last bike ride around town and ended it with watching the sunset.
It was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.
Words can't express how lucky I am to have the two parents that I have. They are truly the best!!
Now back to the real world
I guess I am finally done sharing my vacation so I will get back to my normal life.
This week has been about the same as every other week but the good thing is that it is going by so fast.
This morning I finally got back into the gym. ( I needed a couple of days to relax after my very active vacation)
Week 14 Workout1
Started with running a mile on the treadmill
Arm weight machines
20 minutes on treadmill- 5 minutes incline speed walking- 5 minutes running no incline- 5 minutes incline speed walking- 5 minutes running no incline
Going to make up a new workout for tomorrow so make sure you check it out!!
Day 201:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with salsa and spinach
Snack: 20 almonds and 4 tiny squares of dark chocolate.
Lunch: low calorie broccoli soup
Snack: sweet potato noodles with fat free cottage cheese and veggies.
Dinner: Spinach with tuna salad (and a popsicle)
153 days no diet mountain dew
10 days till  2nd 5k
211 days till 1st 10k (hopefully still have to register)



  1. Where do you post your recipes? I wanna try those skinny pumpkin muffin :) oh, and the tuna salad!

    1. Hey girl. You can find any recipe if you type the name into the search box at the top of my blog. I am going to be doing some reconstruction soon so it will be easier to get to all of my recipes. I will post my tuna salad recipe tomorrow. Here is the direct link to the pumkin muffins. SOOO easy and so yummy. Let me know how you like them.