Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Amelia Island Part 1

On Thursday it was finally time to head to Amelia Island. I packed myself a snack so I didn't get hungry and have to stop at a gas station.
So I started the long drive with some good tunes and time to myself. I ended up meeting my mom in Savannah and we took a little break.

Finally after 6 long hours I saw my favorite bridge ever. (well at that time)
The bridge the leads you into Amelia Island.
When we got there my dad greeted us with a happy yet hungry hello. So we went to one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to.
Then we took a stroll downtown and to the port to check out all the beautiful boats.

After our bellies were stuffed and we got some exercise we headed home to get some rest because we had a lot of things planned for the weekend.
Then next morning we woke up bright and early to go running on the beach to practice for the Turtle Trot 5k the next day. I tell you nothing is like running on the beach in the morning, it is just plain wonderful. (well minus the heat) We actually added a bike ride in after the run and all in all burnt 700 calories. (forgot to picture)
After a long, sweaty run we went and got cleaned up and headed out to a local restaurant by the water for some lunch. This might be the best salad I have ever had. Grilled Buffalo chicken, avocado, a little bit of blue cheese crumbles and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was so good I didn't even need the dressing.
We then walked back to the house to relax a little. I mean this is vacation right?

After we took a nap we headed to the running store to pick up all the stuff we would need for our 5k the next morning. Not going to lie I was starting to get butterflies.

That night we went to seafood restaurant that was on the other side of the Island. I was pretty excited to have some fresh shrimp and this salad was just plain perfect.

While we were eating we noticed this guy headed out of the port. I would say he had a WIDE LOAD. I have never seen them stacked so high. Hope they don't run into a storm.

When we got back from dinner I went ahead and laid out my clothes for the race the next morning because we had to be up bright and early.

Watching the sun come up the next morning before the race was kind of calming. I had never been in a race before and I haven't been running that long so I guess you can say I was pretty nervous. My goal was to just finish without walking and run it under 37 minutes. (I did both woohoo)

Of course before the race we had to have a photo shoot

Turtle Trot 2013 (help save the turtles)

Aren't they cuties

This is actually before the race. We look like we have already run ha.

Check mark- 1st 5k

My mom finished strong too!

Calories burnt ( I don't think it counts the amount you sweat in this crazy Florida weather and my time isn't correct I stopped it after I hasd already finished.)


We were pretty proud of ourselves but exhausted.

Afterwards we went home to shower and take a quick nap before we headed off to the farmers market. (Continued tomorrow, make sure you check it out)
(Completed Week 13 Workout 3 and 4)
If you follow me you know that I keep a food journal at the bottom of each post. Since I was on vacation for 5 days I didn't keep up with everything I put in my mouth but I did stick to healthy lifestyle (minus 1 crab cake, I couldn't resist). I will continue today from the last day I recorded.
I have accomplished many of my goals since I have started this blog so I feel like I need to set some new ones so that I don't slack off and have something to work towards.
As far as my eating habits.
Goal 1-give up all red meat. I will only be eating chicken, turkey and fish
Goal 2- Eat a salad at least 1 meal per day
Goal 3- Snack less
Workout goal:
Gaol 1: on September 14th (2nd 5k ) run it under 31 minutes
Goal 2: Workout 5 times a week
I think this is a good start to continuing my journey to a healthy, happy living lifestyle.
Day 199:
Breakfast: 2 eggs with hot sauce
Snack: 20 almonds
Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich (whole wheat bread) ( I didn't pack my lunch today and this is the only "healthy" thing in the cafe at work with baked veggies and hummus
Snack: FIT airpopped popcorn
Dinner: Turkey sausage, peppers and onions pasta with sweet potato noodles
151 days no diet mountain dew- 110 days no soda
12 days till 2nd 5k

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